Web Site Analytics

Tracking and ROI Reporting: The Information You Need

“Half of my advertising isn’t working, but I don’t know which half.” Tracking results from the web — traffic, ad-conversion rates, etc. — is easier than most people believe. Website analytics will help you find answers without drowning you in a sea of numbers and technical terms. We provide easy-to-read, customized reports and 24/7 access.

Determine Measurable Objectives

InjuredCare can help you determine measurable objectives and track the success of your web initiatives. Effective tracking leads to effective decisions. We can help you evaluate the results of your web campaigns and adapt them to your objectives.

Website Statistics

Website statistics are essential to monitoring your traffic volume, bandwidth and security. We recommend implementing our browser-based marketing statistics. Statistics are easily added to any website by cutting and pasting code onto your web pages. This enables easy-to-use (no logs to read), real-time reporting of your traffic patterns and user behaviors. This comprehensive set of reports includes the tracking of pay-per-click campaigns. These statistics are essential for tracking your marketing efforts. Web traffic analyses include where your traffic is coming from, what keywords your website is found for and the navigation patterns of your visitors.