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David Haney

a week ago

Rating: 5

The Chiropractor, Dr Cam is a great Dr to get your adjustment from. He uses the most up to date adjustment techniques to get you back into shape. He's friendly and cares about his patients.

tod jackson

3 months ago

Rating: 5

Have been going here for 5 years. Dr Cameron and his staff is great.

Jenny Willis

8 months ago

Rating: 5

Dr. Lichfield has helped our family feel better and we are grateful for his exceptional skills. My teenage daughter had hip pain that subsided quickly after she started treatment and my teenage son was in extreme back pain and he also felt better after soon after he started treatment with Dr Lichfield. Thank you!

Alicia Bomer

8 months ago

Rating: 1

The chiropractor Cameron Litchfield is the worst crooked doctor I’ve seen in a long time. He has no respect for his patients or their privacy. If it’s a car accident related injury he try’s to max out your pip by doing medical codes he never did. Then he pushes a lawyer in your face and tells you what to do. He doesn’t listen to your needs and acts like he knows it all. He seriously screwed up my moms shoulder. She told him 3 times he was hurting her and went ahead and adjusted her anyways causing her shoulder to lower about an inch! Also when she was paying out of pocket it was $25 dollars. Once she got into a car accident he charged her insurance about $500 for the same treatment as before and just added a ton of codes like he was doing extra. This guy is a crook and needs to be stopped! I would advise anyone to stay away from him. Update: Now that I wrote this review he is harassing and bullying my mom to try to get me to take it down and doesn’t even have the Decency to call me who wrote this accurate review. I could show you 3 different records backing up every I say and I know from talking to several other people that have had experience with him they will say the same similar experience. Do yourself a favor and don’t get involved with this guy!

Brandi Hodgins

a year ago

Rating: 5

Dr. Litchfield is professional and does amazing work. I started seeing him after having a baby and moving here from a small town in Eastern Washington where it was hard to find an OB, let alone a chiropractor I felt comfortable getting adjusted at while pregnant. My back was a mess by the time I started seeing him and the difference is night and day. I recommend him to my pregnant friends now so they don't have to do the recovery that I'm having to do now!

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Pain Management Centers

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