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Robert LaPorta

2 years ago

Rating: 1

Dr. Levi recklessly over-medicated and under-supervised my elderly non-smoking, non-drinking mother (b. 1933) who was prescribed oxycodone to relieve pain resulting from a pelvic fracture in 2008. She has been taken by ambulance to the Danbury Hospital ER several times due to related conditions and injuries from this malpractice. A recent ER visit saw three calls from the attending physician to Dr. Levi go unanswered. Her latest ER visit led to an ambulance ride to a detox facility 100 miles from her home, due to Dr. Levi having cut her oxycodone prescription from 25mg daily to 0mg, with no warning, and with no post-medication support plan of any kind. An 85-year-old widow was "cut off" by her doctor. When her primary care physician called Dr. Levi to suggest the opioid she had been prescribed no less than eight years ago be tapered down gradually, and not cut abruptly to 0, Dr. Levi either lied, or was dangerously uninformed as to her current status, telling the PCP she had not been taking the medication for weeks. Avoid this man at all costs. In my opinion, he is not a "doctor" in the traditional sense of the word.

Patricia Frasca

a year ago

Rating: 5

Elizabeth Sheehan

2 years ago

Rating: 1

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