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Tim Schultz

10 months ago

Rating: 5

I’m so glad to have found this clinic. The staff and docs really helped to eliminate a lot of my pain. Would definitely recommend to anyone in pain.

Dorotjy Gardner

9 months ago

Rating: 1

Dr Zhu was very rude. Because he didn't like what my dad said, he got up and walked out of the room. Not really professional.

Ella Cobbs

11 months ago

Rating: 5

I have been gointo WCFPM for many year & i love them i have no problem jst follow the guideline & u will have no problems...

Jaimee McHugh

11 months ago

Rating: 1

I wish I had seen these reviews before being treated by Dr. Mambalam. I received treatment in the form of an RFA on L3-4 or was supposed to. While getting test shots for L1-2 I was informed I was actually getting L1-3. When I asked Dr. M what that was about he explained that he does RFA's differently and doesn't generally explain it to patients because they 'wouldn't understand it'. After getting the 2nd round of RFA's I had my post op appointment today. He recommended physical therapy. I informed him that having gone through pt 9 different times for this issue and being unable to actually DO pt now because of symptoms most likely related to POTS (Postural Othrostatic Tachycardia Syndrome which I am working with a neurologist at the UW to get a diagnosis and treatment.) he straight up said, "I don't believe you." I tried to explain to him that standing and/or doing physical exercise makes me pass out making me exercise intolerant. He responded again with, "I don't believe that." So I asked him if that made my other doctors liars. He said no and then said I must be arguing because I like to argue, that he's allowed to recommend something but that it's my choice if I went through with it or not. I told him it wasn't a choice, I have a medical reason to explain why I can't do something. He said he doesn't believe in the impossible and that since I didn't have an actual diagnosis yet he wouldn't consider it when it comes to recommending treatment. Then said I didn't have to continue seeing him if I didn't want to. He asked if there was anything else I wanted to talk about. I said not anymore. So without saying anything else he left the room. The helpers in the room seemed shocked and one said, "I guess just follow up with us if the pain returns. I hope that your evening is better." You could tell they were uncomfortable and probably embarrassed by his comments. Looks like I need to find another pain doctor.

Robert Mendenhall

7 months ago

Rating: 4

At first I was nervous but it's a great place they help you and they realize your pain

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