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Marc Mcclinchy

7 months ago

Rating: 5

OMG so happy I found this place. Unbelievable staff and services. If you have had a serious injury I highly recommend checking RIW out. Beyond Friendly staff, great therapists , they cover not only physical therapy but they cover all aspects including cognitive therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and much more . If I could give 50 stars I would. Unbelievably thankful for this great place.

Kristine Goddard

6 months ago

Rating: 5

I am so grateful to my surgeon for sending me to RIW! The staff there are top notch, know what they're doing and can be trusted with your care. In July of 2018 I walked into RIW using a cane and in extreme pain. I started in their work conditioning program, but they quickly determined that was not the right fit for me and switched me to the pain management program, which was a great fit for me. Their doctors, physical and occupational therapists, psychologists, vocational rehab counselors and staff know what they are doing. When you are a patient there you are treated with great care and supported by your own team of experts who help you to do the work it takes to truly rehabilitate. I walked in to RIW with a cane and in extreme pain, worked hard, learned a great deal, graduated from their pain management program and walked out after my final follow-up appointment in December 2018 with no cane, feeling little to no pain and ready to live life. I am so grateful for this amazing group of people, truly grateful!!

Maria Castillo

2 months ago

Rating: 5

Good people, helpful and very friendly

Alex Conor

a year ago

Rating: 5

Tomorrow I graduate from what I refer to as my mental, emotional and physical Navy Seals Boot Camp! 3 months of physical therapy, 8 hours a day for last 3 months @ Rehabilitation Institute Of Washington in Seattle. Incredible place. Many helped to make this really hurt old guy whole and young again... They broke me down but they didn't let me fall. My mind and body are now one. Broken back 2 years made my brain afraid of pain. It was too intense, it was too much pain. RIW got me back... I felt remnants of a 6 month kidney/UTI infection for first time 2 weeks ago. I felt no symtoms. Pain from broken back overshadowed everything. Now almost off all meds. 18 years. No more chronic pain. For 3 months, I was well taken care of there. And at home too. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. We made it! They all gave me and taught me the tools so I can heal myself . As of now, I have no injuries, only bruises and bruises sooner or later disappear, just like my past 18 years is long enough. Now gonna start a new healthy life no past life, just a new adventure everyday. Words cannot express how grateful I am to have been here. All the people here are my right angles 📐. Tomorrow, no today, is 1st day of an incredibly great life I have. Looking forward to it! But sad... good sad. I'm the Icream man! Bad Humor.. ha...

Bufford Evans

a year ago

Rating: 5

I sustained a traumatic spinal cord injury with subsequent cauda equina diagnosis while doing demolitions work ...This condition leaves one with little choice other than drastic measures to save what can be saved in terms of body mechanics ,and nerve function .. I was in the best shape of my life starring down the barrel of a three level spinal fusion ,and five hernia repairs ... After the dust settled from my surgeries I found my self lacking the proper tools to move forward in a positive manner ... I'm glad I gave R.I.W. a chance ..I'm glad I gave myself a chance to learn new skills in coping with my new body . I was given tools to help cope with the trauma that I had been through both physically ,and mentally .. By a staff that is genuinely invested in your progress . I cannot stress enough how thankful my family ,and I are for the time ,and effort given to my case by the caring ,and knowledgeable staff members at R.I.W. Thanks you . Rehabilitation institute of Washington Give yourself a chance .Give them a chance .You are worth it !!

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