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Cascade Cosmetic Center - Cascade Eye And Skin Center - Sunrise

11216 SUNRISE BLVD E #3,

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Rudy Bankson

2 weeks ago

Rating: 1

If it was possible to give a negative five star review, these unethical thieves would have it. They charged over 300% retail price for contacts, lied that our insurance wouldn't cover them, and rushed us to buy them without questions because "you were told how much they would cost when we called you." There is truly a front row seat in hell for business owners that take advantage of people like this place.

Chrystal Duenas

2 months ago

Rating: 1

DO NOT USE THEIR OPTICAL SHOP!! I've worked in ophthalmology, optometry, optical shops as an optician, I've done a little of everything in the eye business for over 15+ years and I have never given or received such HORRIBLE customer service as I just did with the optical shop at their Sunrise location. I made an appointment for my whole family 4 people in April of 2019. Less than a week before my appointment they called me to tell me the doctor we were scheduled with would be out of town and they needed to reschedule my appointment. Now they are inconveniencing me and they told me I'd have to wait another month before my family could be seen with another doctor. So we had to wait until the middle of May 2019 to finally see a doctor. The least they could have done was to try to get us in as soon as possible since they were not holding up their end of the appointment instead of pushing us out another month! They inconvenienced us without any type of retrobution. So we were finally seen by the doctor and got our prescriptions and went straight to their optical shop to order glasses thinking that they operated in the same manner as the other businesses I've worked in. Boy was I wrong! We ordered 3 pairs of glasses spending hundreds of dollars, and the glasses we ordered for my son was his first pair of glasses. He had a growth spurt and had become nearsighted to the point he could barely see the big E on the chart. We were told it would be 7-10 business days before we could have his glasses. We waited 10+ business days and no one ever called us to let us know if his glasses were there or not. So I called and called and called, no one ever answered the phone. I left messages, no one ever returned any phone calls. My only option was to physically walk in to the optical shop and find out exactly where the glasses were! So I went into the optical shop to find out why we haven't received his glasses. They had no idea! They couldn't find his glasses anywhere! They couldn't even find our order for the glasses! They called the lab and the lab told them that they sent his glasses to the optical shop 9 days ago!! No one ever called me to say hey your son's glasses are here if you'd like to come pick them up or you can wait until all 3 pairs of glasses are here and pick everything up all at once. No customer service! This was the ABSOLUTE worst experience I have ever had or given at an optical shop in my whole career in ophthalmology. This place makes me sad to see the decline in service in my profession. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND EFFORT TAKE YOUR PRESCRIPTION AND GO SOMEWHERE ELSE WHO WILL GIVE YOU THE CUSTOMER SERVICE YOU DESERVE!!!!!!!

nicole Zimmerman

6 months ago

Rating: 1

0/10 DO NOT RECOMMEND. I am not one to write negative reviews or any reviews really but I am fed up. I have been here several times for chronic skin conditions over the past 4 years. Nobody is nice here. The people on the phone are annoyed and impatient. The doctor I have seen is rude and doesn’t care about my skin she literally walks in the room, IMMEDIATELY diagnoses me without asking any questions about the history of my skin, and writes a bunch of prescriptions and then tells me to leave. All within like ten minutes. If I can help it I will never come back to this office.

Yessenia alvarado

3 months ago

Rating: 1

Costumer service is very bad . You ask them something they don’t know anything. Rude don’t go here.

Bill Connelly

a year ago

Rating: 4

Cascade is a very good clinic with a staff that is both helpful and professional for the times that I've gone. Booking an appointment can be a bit rough with appointments being as far out as a month or more. I think this is more due to the fact that there are more people/patients than there are doctors (specialists) to see. The portal that Cascade uses needs a serious overhaul but has it's use when trying to connect with your doctor via email. My doctor is Dr. S Richardson and she is AMAZING! Friendly and knowledgeable with a "common sense" approach. Always listens and spends as much with me as needed. While I would and have recommended Cascade to my friends, it's Dr. Richardson and her attention and care that keeps me going back.

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