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Kristin Fuller

8 months ago

Rating: 1

This office is terrible. I have yet to be able to meet with a doctor. I've had two MRI's and been told I have a rare condition called Tarlov Cysts. I'm in so much pain and they have yet to help me. My work is very physical and my employer had temporarily granted me light duty, asking for my doctor to come some paperwork. This office has still not completed the paperwork more than two weeks later, after dropping it off twice, multiple office visits and phone calls. My employer gave me more than enough time to get this completed, now I'm back doing physical work I shouldn't doing, all because this office can't spend five minutes to complete this paperwork. Go anywhere else - this office is the worst!!

Luigi D

a year ago

Rating: 1

They make an appointment for a certain time You rush to get there because you are leaving work . Then 2 and 1/2,hours later YOU ARE STILL WAITNG WHY DIDNT YOU MAKE THE APPOINTMENT FOR 3 hrs later rather that let people wait for hrs it’s not fun

Gaurav Bansal

a year ago

Rating: 1

The billing department at this office sucks, I was sent an invoice after paying the bill. I even had a receipt of payment confirmation.The first time I called to inquire, I was told that they are not able to see if the payment has been made and that they have two systems so it might be showing on another system. She concluded by saying that if she doesn't call back , it means its resolved. Nine days later no call from them but I received another invoice dated two days after the first call. I called the billing department again, I spoke to Michaela, she was rude. She didn't have an answer. She put me on hold for like 10 minutes. I called again. For a patient to call again and again while suffering with so much is just very upsetting on my end and a very careless attitude on theirs. I called again and spoke to Kelly, she was rude from the beginning of the call. Instead of helping me and giving some information, she said any patient can say like that and hung up the phone. it is very frustrating and they are probably attempting medical malpractice by sending bills twice and then not resolving the issues.I have already paid the amount due, shows up in my credit card and also have the receipt generated from the automated system. On the other hand, Dr. Levi is one of the best. The poor management skills of the billing staff would probably make the practice loose a lot of patients and money.


2 years ago

Rating: 4

Dr. Levi is an amazing doctor. The only reason that this isn't a 5 star review is because the wait can be terrible sometimes at his office. That sucks and they should fix it. But seeing Dr. Levi is worth the wait, he's helped me so much. His office staff is great, the nurses are as well. If they could only fix the wait times they would be 5 stars all around. Until then plan on it being a long wait, bring a book and relax.

Racheline Schwartz

2 years ago

Rating: 5

I've been seeing Dr Levi for over 10 years. Thanks to his care, I was able to avoid serious back surgery. He's extremely good with me. His staff is equally very nice and helpful. Sometimes, there's a wait but, it's always because of an emergency...someone is in great pain. I don't have anything bad to say about that practice.

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