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Tibo Tibo

6 months ago

Rating: 5

Marsha answers the phone setting up my first appointment and I told her clearly that I don’t have insurance right now it will start September first so she told me it’s going to cost me around $500 because it’s self paid but it will go towards my deductible which is going to help and when I arrive to check in I figured she is lying just to get costumer in not to help and give accurate information so double check everything before you go there might as well look for a better place Later update on the visit with the doctor Update: Doctor visit was great every one else did their jobs perfectly and they called me next day I believe her name was Melisa and apologized for what Marsha give me as far wrong information and offer to refund the money which they did too

Alison Sohmer

3 months ago

Rating: 1

I was told by Town Center Orthopedics that I need a trigger point injection for a rhomboid/trapezius issue, but the person at that practice who does it had been out of the country and would not have an appointment for a month. I called the Spine institute because a friend had gotten the same type of injection there. When I called, the receptionist refused to give me an appointment because she said”that sounds muscular, we only do the spine.” Not sure what kind of medical degree your receptionists have but I would prefer to have a doctor make that evaluation of whether or not they could help me. Just wanted to let you know.

Keith Meurlin

3 weeks ago

Rating: 5

I had the great fortune to land in Dr Good's exam room 4 years ago with a wicked lower spine issue. Dr Good's ability to clearly lay out my options, and the confidence he exudes led to a very successful fusion that has me feeling like I did 30 years ago. When I recently did some serious damage to my neck my first call was to Dr Good. This injury, more complex by far was handled in the same way. Dr Good goes the extra mile for his patients. We were up in Vermont on Memorial Day weekend when my neck started really acting up. I sent a message to Dr Good on Sunday morning, jumped in the car and headed home. A few hours later on the NJ Turnpike I got a call from Dr. Good. He listened as I described the problem, he arranged for an early morning appointment the first day the office opened and sent a prescription to my pharmacy to carry me till the appointment. You just don't hear of service like that in today's world. 10 months later after many visits, PT by the VSI staff and 16 well placed epidural and nerve block shots and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)shots by Dr Bharara have me close to being back to normal. The professionalism, empathy, confidence and skill of the VSI sets the bar so high that VSI is the only place I will go or recommend to friends and family. Thank you for all you have done for me!

Shan P.

in the last week

Rating: 5

I have been a patient here for about a year now, and all of the doctors and staff I have worked with are awesome! Dr. Haines is/was my spinal surgeon, and I see Dr. B for pain management. They all take time to answer my questions, and make sure I feel comfortable with all of my treatment plans and actual treatment. Everyone in the office truly cares about you as a person and patient. So when we realized six months into my treatment that I would need surgery, I was very confident in Dr. Haines skills and ability to help me have a better quality of life. Dr. B's, Barbara's (Dr. B's PA), and Dr. Haine's care to manage my pain after surgery, and answer all of my questions was great and reassuring while I was recovering. I am now almost 5 months post surgery (surgery was Oct. 2019) from a 1 level lumbar fusion, and everything is going great still! I am so grateful I found VSI. It is worth EVERY SINGLE dollar spent! FYI... This was not a paid or requested review. I just wanted to share my awesome experience. I had been dealing with chronic back pain for 6 yeas before I found them, and no one could provide me with any definitive info for my prognosis until I met Dr. Haines. Thank you VSI!!!

Bob G.

3 months ago

Rating: 5

From entering the front door of the VSI to being greeted at the front desk to working with the staff and the physicians... you will immediately recognize that you are in great hands! You are always treated with respect and most importantly, you feel as though you are part of your treatment plan. Not just another patient or chart. The Drs. and associates always give you their full time and attention when they are in the room with you. Although I live over an hour from VSI, there is nowhere else I would trust to be handling my spine issues. I can honestly say this as I HAD wasted nearly three years in the hands of a practice owned by a Hedge Fund group. A practice that scheduled 5 or more patients for the same time and they only had one Physician! If you have issues handled by the VSI... stop being in constant pain with no hope of improvement and call the VSI for your initial appointment now. Even that 1st phone call will be a breath of fresh air for you.

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