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Debra Pickett

8 months ago

Rating: 5

It’s always 5 star treatment from start to finish. The complete process has always been easy from scheduling, treatments and results. I went in not able to walk or stand needing assistance with simple tasks and felt great relief.

Adrienne Ricard

6 months ago

Rating: 5

Natural healing, the way God designed it. Dr. Devons applications are holistic.

Ali Taki

a year ago

Rating: 5

I went in after hearing a pop during squats at the gym. Dr. Kim was very helpful with examining my lower back and hips. Once the X-rays were taken, he was able to comfortably correct my posture. I highly recommend going to see him, especially if you are a regular heavy lifter at the gym.

Susan Whitcomb

a year ago

Rating: 1

I also had the same trouble with billing as some of the other people who have written about it on the reviews. I was receiving treatments from May until December of last year and paying the amount that the front desk told me to pay based on insurance. Turns out that it was not enough because they weren't billing the insurance correctly, so I had accumulated a large bill by November. Once they were able to figure out what was going on and provide an itemized receipt to me, I paid it. I was told it was paid in full and they began charging me the higher amount throughout the remaining visits in December. As of January, my insurance changed and so I couldn't afford the co-pay. Well, in May I got a nasty collections letter that I owed $50. Once again, I requested an itemized bill and found out that when I had supposedly paid it in full in December, it WASN'T! There was still a residual balance that no one told me about! I was going twice a week and paying each time, so they were looking right at my account when I paid and no one ever said that there was a balance due. Honestly, I really liked the doctors there and was very happy with the treatment I received, but the billing is a nightmare. I would have continued to go occasionally despite the high price because the treatments helped so much, but not after the horrible experience I had with the billing.

Robert Schudlich

a year ago

Rating: 5

The best chiropractor that I have been to. Very knowledgeable and they spend the time needed for each person.

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Massage Therapists

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