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Nicole Krysiak

a month ago

Rating: 5

Every visit with Dr. Ueno and his staff exceed every expectation I had. Not only have I noticed improvements in my overall health through his knowledge and very capable expertise but the warm and welcoming environment of everyone there enhanced the experience. I would highly recommend Caring Acupuncture.


5 months ago

Rating: 5

Mr. T is Amazing, I've been seeing him since June 2018 and had one session per week! I cannot thank him enough for having my life back! I was a difficult case for him to handle but he did not give up on me and was always positive, the sessions are amazing especially if you are having a bad day, that will relax you so much. He is very knowledgeable and knows what his taking about, professional, caring and great attitude, very positive and keeps you hopefully.. I started with many issues and one of the major ones was my liver and anxiety. With the sessions and the help of the Chinese medicine, I am back to having my life back! Thank you Mr. T and team! I would recommend Mr. T to EVERYONE! Even if nothing is wrong with you, it's a very relaxing session.

Sarah Quezado

4 months ago

Rating: 5

Words couldn’t express how grateful I am for the Caring Acunpuncture team! I was seen by dr. Tetsuhiro Ueno since before conceiving my first baby. He treated me during the process of TTC and my entire pregnancy. He helped me with morning sickness, anxiety, insomnia and later on with naturally inducing me, since I was past my due date. Each time I was greeted by him and his lovely wife, Sachiko, with so much kindness, respect, sweet smiles and ever caring eyes. Always thoughtful and considerate, accommodating to all our needs. They played a huge part on me having a healthy pregnancy and baby, and for that I’ll be forever grateful.

Karawan Brooks

6 months ago

Rating: 5

This practice truly cares about their clients. I cannot recommend them more. Tetsuhiro and Sachiko are amazing to work with.

Dana Krell

5 months ago

Rating: 5

I cannot thank Dr. Tetsuhiro Ueno and his practice enough. After starting a desk job, I began to experience terrible neck pain. I tried everything from massages to cortisone shots with little relief. Frustrated that nothing was working, I decided to try acupuncture. Tetsuhiro explained the process and made me feel comfortable, and after a few treatments I finally started to feel relief! I even continued to venture out to Alexandria when he decided to open his own practice. He truly cares about his clients. One day I got stuck in the lovely DMV traffic and I was over an HOUR late for my appointment. The office called to make sure I was okay and still gave me treatment even though I was terribly late. I could go on and on. But bottom line, if you are considering acupuncture, I could not remember this office more. Tetsuhiro is wonderful to work with.

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Massage Therapists

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