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Andre Green

a month ago

Rating: 5

Very great Dentist. I needed a speedy appointment. They told me to come in for a exam. They explained different options for me getting my wisdom teeth pulled and they were able to bring me back the very next day to pull my teeth. They went over every thing I should do twice. I will recommend Dr. Morgan and his office to anybody. They are very great!!! Thank you Dr. Morgan and stafff. I really appreciate the great work from all of you even the nice receptionist who was very helpful over the phone.

Dena Khodadad

3 months ago

Rating: 5

The best dr I have ever met, DR Morgan and his staff are great and professional. Thanks for good service and care.

Christopher Krug

6 months ago

Rating: 5

Dr Morgan did a fabulous job repairing my broken jaw. I came out of the surgery with no pain, and he worked with me during my recovery. He took the time to answer every question that I had. I highly recommend him!!

Joel Snapp

a year ago

Rating: 5

Dr. Morgan and his staff are great! I had to have a tooth removed which was causing a great deal of pain. This was on a Friday and no one could see me until Monday. I called Dr. Morgan’s office at 2:45 and they set me up for an appointment at 3:15. I made it to the office and was greeted by a super friendly staff as well as the doctor. Tooth was extracted and I was home by 4:15. I didn’t feel a thing! Comfortable during the whole procedure. I will definitely recommend him! Great job!

Ashley Alexander

a year ago

Rating: 5

Dr. David Morgan is without a doubt amazing, to say the least. I started I guess what I would call an “oral journey” a little over two years ago. To give you a little background. I needed braces, wisdom teeth pulled and oral surgery to correct my under bite that could not be fixed with braces. When I had my consultation with Dr. Morgan I had every intention to do multiple consultations with other surgeons. Jaw surgery is a major surgery so I wanted to make sure I that had the best. Once I met Dr. Morgan all intentions of other consults were out the window. I knew immediately after talking to Dr. Morgan that he was the right surgeon to reconstruct my bite. He was VERY honest, direct, caring, and confident! He was also willing to answer any of my questions even when I literally came prepared with a full list. He and his staff also have a great sense of humor which made me feel very comfortable. To start, Dr. Morgan removed my wisdom teeth. This was minor compared to the jaw surgery that we planned to follow a year later. Dr. Morgan did a great job, which helped me feel a bit more at ease when thinking about my big day. Over the year Dr. Morgan and my orthodontist would communicate every now and then to make sure the straightening of my teeth would align up correctly with my new bite. Once they both felt comfortable with the way my teeth were lining up we started prepping for jaw surgery. Finally, the day of surgery came. Dr. Morgan brought a mold of what my bite would look like and answered any last minute questions my family and I had. Seven and a half hours later my surgery was complete! After the surgery I checked in with Dr. Morgan once a week so that he could make sure my bite was still aligned and that everything was healing the way it should. After about six weeks he told me that I didn’t have to do anymore checkups as he and I were happy with the results. Dr. Morgan and his staff were super professional, and made me feel at home. Oddly, I was actually kind of sad when told I didn’t have to schedule another check in. After such a journey they started to feel like family! Okay maybe just good friends LOL. It has now been a few months after my surgery and I can honestly say that I am thrilled with the way my bite has healed. FYI, this type of major surgery takes months to heal. Since the surgery I have found that I am much more confident because I love my new bite! Also, my orthodontist was really impressed with Dr. Morgans work as well. My apologies for the long post, however, jaw surgery is a BIG deal! I hope this post could potentially help others when making a decision to have this surgery. Dr. David Morgan and his staff are amazing. I could tell that these types of cases are something that Dr. Morgan is passionate about. Go check them out if you are considering any kind of oral surgery and want the best care and results!

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