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Melissa Martinez

2 months ago

Rating: 1

Worst place ever! They are being sued for not sterilizing the instruments. The wait time is ridiculous , this place should be shut down.

Jack Spraker

7 months ago

Rating: 1

I arrived ten minutes early for my 10 am appointment. The receptionist told me that while I was in their computer system, I was not on the schedule for an appointment. Since I hadn't been there before I asked why I'd be in the system but have no appointment. The receptionist said she didn't know. Since I had gone to some inconvenience to be there when the scheduler told me I had appointment, I asked if they could please get me in. After some staring at her computer for a while and then asking someone else, she said I could get in an hour. I waited and was called up an hour later. Another person asked if I'd like to reschedule. She said she could not verify my insurance. They had had my insurance information for several weeks. I wondered why they couldn't just check it on the website. A another person stepped up and said they didn't have access and that verification, she said, was done by the CORPORATE OFFICE. The second girl had told me THEY weren't answering the phone. Determined, I stood and waited while she called again. She seemed to get through and gave my information, saying to me I'm waiting for them to call me back. After a while longer, she asked again if I wanted to reschedule. I finally gave up when the third lady told another patient that "We are an hour behind" in a tone that suggested that it was his fault for asking. The waiting room was packed when I arrived and very few people who had arrive before me had been called in. Seems that Kool Smiles is a corporate run dental mill that cares very little for its patients. It was obvious that they had over scheduled and that, for me, the scheduling system didn't even work. I told them just to shred my paper work and remove me from their so-called "system". The people weren't impolite, but they didn't apologize either. Seems like giving people the run around is just something they regularly do. I would definitely recommend you find a dental practice that focuses on patient care and not corporate profits. This place is less than a star in my opinion. Not Kool at all. And I was NOT smiling when I left dingy, dirty waiting room in disgust.

Nathan Schumacher

a year ago

Rating: 1

If I could give negative stars I would. The staff here is awful. My mind is blown how these people have jobs. I came there with my nephews to get routine work done. A staff member called us into a consultation room and told us that they wouldn't be helping us today because we were talking badly about their company. We never said a negative word about this place. She got in my sister's face and tried to intimidate her. We quickly left after that happened. We will not be degraded for no reason. Kool Smiles clearly isn't a company that has standards for their employees. The staff members also sit up there and gossip about other staff members in front of customers. I'm an assistant manager for a local company and I'd never allow my employees to act the way these fools acted.

Elias Chehade

8 months ago

Rating: 1

This place is crazy no Managment. Doctors work not work when ever they want putting kids on Reschedule for 2 years without a cleaning and this has been happening for us the past 4 years. Driving over to the pace and to be turned down because doctors didn't show up. What kind of customer service is this .

Joy R

8 months ago

Rating: 1

Horrible service, my wife and I will never go back here. We went in for a cleaning, which I could of done 10x better. Never had any cavities before and we just moved here and were at the dentist before we were here, all of the sudden we have numerous cavities and received a bill for something they should of asked about before doing. Do not go here this is a scam clinic. All of the below bad comments are true.

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