Northern Virginia Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Associates in Annandale

Northern Virginia Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Associates in Annandale


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Thomas DiPietro

4 months ago

Rating: 2

July 2018 I had surgery done at this location and Dr. Jackson and the nurses were amazing but BE WARE!!!! Though the office had my insurance information and knew what insurance I had, they proceeded to sen my biopsy out to a lab that was not in network. After working through the office staff, my insurance company and John Hopkins, I am out over $300 because the excuse I got from the office staff was... we like using John Hopkins. Make sure you ask questions and be an advocate for yourself and understand the back end of your procedure. Because of the office practice to not follow the patients insurance plan, I don't think I would go back or recommend them.

Amar Zabarah

2 months ago

Rating: 1

I called and scheduled a wisdom teeth removal for my sister 2 months in advance, mainly because of her school and summer program schedule. I was informed that they will reach out to me few days before the appointment to finalize any paperwork. I called today, a week before her surgery (Friday May 10), and the said that they don't have my sister on the schedule anymore. Now, I have to find another doctor and office that can take my sister this week. This is very frustrating.

elizabeth valdivieso

2 weeks ago

Rating: 5

Very blessed to have been seen by Dr. Zadeh and his assistant Gaby. I came in for an extraction on a infected root canal and removal of a wisdom tooth. Dr. Zadeh was amazing the procedure was quick and painless and no swelling I was fine to go back to work, and his assistant Gaby was very sweet both have great chair side manners. As a cancer patient I’m very emotional and Dr. Zadeh and his assistant Gaby were very caring and made me feel very comfortable like I was home thank you both God bless both of you.

Liz M

3 months ago

Rating: 5

Review #1, March 2019 Dr. Jackson and her assistant Gaby were extremely professional and friendly during the entire process of my tooth implant. The procedure exceeded my expectations. Dr. Jackson was very informative and her level of expertise in her field gave me the confidence and trust to return for additional required procedures, following the initial visit. I have wisdom teeth extraction scheduled with her and I am confident all will go well, given my wonderful experience with the implant. I highly recommend Dr. Jackson and wish she also provided general dental services as she would my top pick. Thank you so much for providing me with an experience that has left a lasting impression of your excellent services. Review #2, April 2019 Dr. Jackson is blessed with gifted hands. I am in week 2 after extracting 3 of my wisdom teeth and have experienced zero pain or discomfort. The entire procedure took 30 mins under sedation and all I remember is a family member picking me and getting home a bit drowsy. My cheeks were only swollen the first day. Day 2, I took prescribed pain killer not because I was in pain but was afraid of going to bed and walking up in pain. I did not experience any of the horror stories I've heard regarding wisdom teeth extractions. My friends & family have been asking for her contact info after learning of my experience. She comes highly recommended. I underwent a tooth implant procedure with Dr. Jackson which was also a success. Thank you again Dr. Jackson for two consecutive successful procedures. Not only is she blessed with gifted hands, she has a gentle spirit, friendly, very professional and extremely knowledgeable. Liz M.

Joe Dixon

3 weeks ago

Rating: 5

I was referred to NVOMSA (specifically to Dr. Julia Jackson) by my general dentist (Dr. Alonzo Bell) for dental implant surgery. Each and every visit and each and every team member encountered has been nothing short of fabulous. I’ve always said that I’m not afraid of anything creeping, crawling or flying, but I was scared to death when I first came to see Dr. Jackson and told her as much. I had implant surgery for 7 implants. She took care of me every step of the way. Dr. Jackson and staff (Trook, Cris, Angel and others) treated me as if I were their only client. I don’t think I ever waited more than 5 to 7 minutes to be called to the back. I even tested this a couple of times by arriving 15 to 30 minutes early. Boom!!! Perfect 10 for service. I don't know the exact number of visits I made, probably somewhere between 6 and 8 total visits, but each and everyone was great. I wish I could find a reason to go back again. During my first visit with Dr. Jackson, she took x-rays and explained the entire procedure and what was going to happen with my surgery and implants. She went over the X-rays with me, pointed out different options, and though I was scared to death, I was extremely impressed. The office is large and when I first entered the back, it was slightly overwhelming. I thought I’d entered the Kaiser Permanente on Capitol Hill. There were rooms, patients, team members everywhere. Even still, everyone was on point and seemed to know exactly what should be happening at every step of the way. Between this office and my general dentist, I could not have imagined a more perfect experience.

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