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Rebecca Acord

a month ago

Rating: 4

I went and had Dr. Edwards...she's got a great way of making you at ease.. very respectful!

k doucet

a month ago

Rating: 1

I felt overwhelmed and coerced into what I did not want. I only wanted a routine cleaning. But I reluctantly agreed to all the X-rays, because they were offered free to ones with no insurance, which includes myself. Then an exam declared I could not have just a cleaning because I had early onset periodontal. I cannot afford this. Its been 7 years since I've had a dental visit. I wanted a simple cleaning. They WOULD NOT DO THAT. I was advised I could have a scaling cleaning to the tune of $1575 !!! then a follow up every 3 months for $282 !!! I WAS AGHAST. If it was all I could do to scrape together the advertised $81 , which I brought with me, for the routine cleaning, how was I to afford $2703 ? I was absolutely dumbfounded. I expected this place to have reasonable rates. I returned home with nothing.. except an overwhelmed and disheartened soul. I went on line and found another local private dental practice offering the same service for an annual memberships fee of $645 per year. which includes 2 doctor visits, 4 perio cleanings, and 2 flouride varnish applications. This cements in my mind how outrageously overpriced the service offered to me was. I will not return nor shall I recommend aspen dental,,, despite all the tv ads.

Richard Craig

2 months ago

Rating: 5

They were AWESOME taking care of me. I was seen at the Topsham, Maine office for my free exam and x-rays. I had already had the extractions and bone repair done already. I figured that I would shop around for my dentures. I spent 2 hours there while they took an hour talking with my insurance company. The rest of the time I spent with the technician having my impressions done. She re-did them untill they were perfect. They had a coupon for 20% off so I'm getting everything for the price of an evening out.

Danielle Simmons

a month ago

Rating: 1

Aspen dental is the worst, just look up the Facebook group “stop aspen dental”. I had six fillings at two different times with them. When I went in my teeth didn’t hurt. Now everyday it’s a challenge to eat because they can’t place a filling correctly or drilled too deep into my teeth. Not only do they hurt daily but one of my fillings fell out the same night it was placed! This place is a scam, go to a local dental office that cares you only have ONE SET OF TEETH. Now I have to go to a specialist to see if they can help my teeth from hurting when I went in pain free. Avoid all aspen dentals.

Cathy Normand

6 months ago

Rating: 5

The payment plan is one I can afford being a single person. I am VERY pleased with the service I have recieved. Dr. Edward's is awesome. My dentures look just like my real teeth did and have had nothing but great compliments on my smile. I am HIGHLY recommending THIS Aspen Dental

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Oral Surgeons

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