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Jacqui Bee

4 months ago

Rating: 5

I have been calling every dentist in the state about my 15 year old son with severe autism. I have been given every excuse you can think of as to why they can't treat him but Community Dental in Portland took him on and they're AMAZING with him. He loves going here and seeing everyone who has the patience to wait for him to get comfortable and ask for them to look at his teeth! I'm so happy he was turned away by all the others because now he's lucky enough to be treated with respect and kindness by these wonderful people.

Chelsey Woodard

in the last week

Rating: 1

The most horrible experience of my life...I have great teeth and due to where i live am treated unethically....I was first seen back in may for a cracked tooth first ever in 33 years the dentist drilled a big hole and filled with filling nothing strong within one day my tooth broke in half completely I was beyond upset..went back in and was told to hold off for a crown where I went to Portland there was an amazing dentist from a different southern location he proceeded with the root canal but... the Portland office was missing the right tools so was asked to go a week later to the other office to have it posted again going through having my tooth drilled(3rd time)..not finnished yet but told I'd have one more appointment, back to lewiston where I was again informed it wouldnt be my last..still with sensitivity to hot and cold lewiston office put another temporary crown(4th drill time) molds and sent out for the "final" crown...after a month I'm informed the dentist wont be in office and pushed out almost another month I'm still waiting on a crown for the 13th of August, over this past weekend and months of not eating right broke a back tooth over this weekend on the opposite side of mouth because I havent even been able to get one tooth fixed and am asked after all of this to come in as a walk in...its unreal & unethical... I 100% dont believe I would be going through this if my care & health mattered... what's worse is when treated badly becase of wealth & insurance it's a shame... not to mention I wasn't even 5 minutes late to bring my kids to their appointment and was screamed at in front of other patients because the lack of patient parking but a whole lot for employees....

Happy Wheels Skaters

a month ago

Rating: 1

Very Rude front desk receptionist! The blonde lady is who I am referring to. She should absolutely be fired!! I was in line and there was an elderly woman in front of me checking in. She was handed paperwork to fill out and she was looking over the paperwork as she was handed it and the blonde lady very rudely said I’m gonna need you to go sit down and fill that out. The older woman was clearly confused about the paper work and said I have a list of medications I take and tried to hand the receptionist the list and the receptionist said I told you you need to go sit down and fill out the paperwork. Well then it was my turn and I gave her the name and she looks at me and says very Rudely in the nastiest tone “we ask you to come in early cause you need to have this paperwork filled out before your seen”. I was 5 mins early as it was and I said no one told me to come early when the lady called me two days ago to confirm appointment she never stated I needed to come early. She hands me the paperwork and says you need to hustle and bustle with this. I’m at the point I wanted to walk out because she was so rude. She needs an Alter ego check because she’s very unprofessional and sits behind that glass desk like she is so much better than everybody else there. Very unprofessional. I will not bring my family back here!!!

Jennifer Gibbon

3 months ago

Rating: 2

very disturbing I got head lice from this place, I couldn't figure out where I got it from since we're all under quarantine this is the only place I've been I have no small children or contact with anyone.the worst thing was that they told me they would pull a tooth under sedation and then at the last minute the doctor told me he wouldn't do it under sedationI'm very concerned about the voice thing though there is no way I got it from a.they should have thought of that when they told me they were able to do it two months prior I do have to say the office staff is great very pleasant and helpful no complaints thereI checked my dates and everything this has to be the place that I got it from they must not have sanitized the headrest wherr you lay down was very disappointing to think that I was going to have this tooth out and they said that they could do it and then at the last minute after I had already been there they decided they would not do sedation because of my weight

Katie Peavey

7 months ago

Rating: 5

Hands down the absolute best experience I’ve ever had at a dentist. They fit me in and took care of my emergency situation with such professionalism and ease that I almost forgot I was at the dentist and in pain. Super grateful for the entire staff....had been putting off care for years due to lack of insurance and fear, and now I feel like I can properly take care of myself because they’ve shown me how.

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