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Richard Bunn

a week ago

Rating: 5

Dr. Garrett is an excellent doctor, fast efficient, and to the point. Staff is friendly and efficient. Short wait times.

Chung Wang

6 months ago

Rating: 1

I first visited Dr. Garrett on 3/21/2017 for a big callus on the bottom of my left foot. I had a similar big callus on the left side of the same foot just below the small toe and had done a surgery thirty years ago to remove it, the result was very satisfactory. So when Dr. Garrett proposed a surgery for this callus, I agreed and he set up a date for the surgery on 6/7/2017 at 8:30 AM, he told me to report to the hospital two hours ahead. On the day before the surgery, the hospital called and said the time for the surgery had been changed to 10 AM but I was never notified me. I called Dr. Garrett’s office, receptionist went to talk to Dr. Garrett and came back telling me that Dr. Garrett said I could report to the hospital at 7 AM, three hours before the surgery. At first post-surgery visit, when Dr. Garrett showed me the x-rays, I realized he had put a screw in each of my second and middle toes which he’d never mentioned to me before the surgery. I immediately asked if the screws were to be removed after few weeks, his reply was that would be very difficult to do. This was not an emergency surgery, I wondered why a doctor didn’t inform the patient that screws were to be implanted, especially when the consequence is permanent because I couldn’t bend my toes anymore. A relative of mine had done a similar surgery, her doctor used a pin that can be removed after the surgery. I then did some research online and found out that was an alternate procedure commonly used. Also after the surgery, if I got up from bed or a chair, there was a sever pain shooting down my leg that would last for a couple minutes. I told this to Dr. Garrett at first post-surgery visit, he just said that it will last for thirteen days. I wonder why he didn’t forewarn me about it. But the worst part of the whole ordeal was after all the suffering, the issue was not solved at all, the callus persists and is still to this date as big as before the surgery. The surgery was a total failure.

Corinne Grimaldi

a year ago

Rating: 1

DO NOT GO HERE! (Yes, that is me attempting to scream from the proverbial rooftop.) If I could give one star, I would. The short story: I have paid more than $775 out-of-pocket for an issue that is not resolved. $91.59 of that is for the office visit (fine), $139.12 of that is for "surgical care" (I had a sample taken from a toe nail to send off for lab testing; I hardly call that surgery), and $548.39 is for the lab testing. I have called the office twice and left messages (once on a machine, and once with a person asking for someone in accounting to call me back) and I have sent two emails - all in an attempt to understand the charges. I have received no response. I have, however, talked to the lab company who shared that the reason for the high bill was because Dr. Garrett ordered multiple tests and noted them as "high sensitivity". It was a toenail! Nothing about it should have required multiple tests, and certainly not of high sensitivity. I share this because if Dr. Garrett and his team are billing, ordering tests for, and/or not responding to me this way, then I have to assume they are doing the same for other patients, and that is not an okay way to do business. In fact, it is a horrible way to do business, and the only resolve I have is sharing my experience so others hopefully don't go and have the same.

Kevin Heil

8 months ago

Rating: 1

So this place failed to follow the proper insurance procedure and charged us for equipment even though they are in-network and the insurance company pre-approved for 100% of the cost. After 6 and a half weeks they have failed to respond even after the insurance company contacted them directly.

Mae Heil

9 months ago

Rating: 1

I went to them to get a DME knee brace. They are IN network, I have a $0 deductible, 100% reimbursement, and they have a contract with my insurance company. They charged me $150 for the DME, and told me to file with my insurance when I inquired. They broke contract! My insurance said that I was supposed to pay nothing and Landmark was to file a claim. No response from Landmark to my insurance, and I have called multiple times over 3 weeks with no response! I want my refund from Landmark! VERY unprofessional!!!!!!

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