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Tibo Tibo

4 weeks ago

Rating: 5

Marsha answers the phone setting up my first appointment and I told her clearly that I don’t have insurance right now it will start September first so she told me it’s going to cost me around $500 because it’s self paid but it will go towards my deductible which is going to help and when I arrive to check in I figured she is lying just to get costumer in not to help and give accurate information so double check everything before you go there might as well look for a better place Later update on the visit with the doctor Update: Doctor visit was great every one else did their jobs perfectly and they called me next day I believe her name was Melisa and apologized for what Marsha give me as far wrong information and offer to refund the money which they did too

David Dotson

2 months ago

Rating: 5

Dr. Colin Haines and his staff were excellent! Customer service Esther, Rachel, Miriam, all helped and assisted, and served as a liaison to Dr. Collins after I left on my behalf! In a word, OUTSTANDING ! GREAT experience.

john kane

7 months ago

Rating: 5

The doctors I have worked with are first rate. They really worked hard to find the causes of issues and then had the skill to solve those issues. They sorted through all scenarios. I personally appreciated their approach of "surgery as a last resort". Highly personable and easily reachable. I have used their physical therapy department extensively and feel it is the best in the region.

Colleen Batsakis

6 months ago

Rating: 5

At the Virginia Spine Institute, expert support staff offer comprehensive services, and support the leading medical experts in the field. After thoughtful analysis and attempts at more conservative treatment protocols I elected to have complex spine surgery. Dr Christopher Good and team leverage advanced technology and years of experience, along with great communications, to ensure that expectations related to recovery and the final surgical result have been met. I’m grateful to have found them!

Laura Benedetti

4 weeks ago

Rating: 5

I was a PT for over 7 yrs. Dr Chatterjee was awesome and although he gave me so many prescriptions, Valium for muscle relaxant, MRI, steroid injection ect really was so much better than my previous pain Mgmt. Then he was injured and Dr Nguyen took over. He was indeed thorough and since I was deemed a surgical risk by Dr Good from a few consults, Dr Nguyen continued my care. I was a little concerned, my medication had rolled over, meaning that there were day's when I didn't need to take 4 pain pills, 2 kadian extended release pain pills, two valium, but I did keep on with the steroids regardless of the weight gain. Dr Nguyen first started by telling me that Valium was no longer ok to use with opioids but here's klonopin, ok no big deal and I left the bottle of Valium in my safe that contained more than an actual prescription, just like all the other medications. Then I see polypharmacology diagnosis on my paperwork. I had to ask what it meant. So as time went by, several steroid injections in my L4-L5, I was doing pretty good. I asked them to lower my Kadian, they did, then I asked them a few months later to not prescribe it bc I thought a little pain was ok, they did. Every two months,for six years I passed every drug screen. February 27,2017 my daughter was murdered. The entire staff was very helpful and understanding,but the process was extremely hard and many times I was taken to the hospital for what was diagnosed as Broken Heart Syndrome when my heart actually just stopped. These physicians gave me Ativan and Valium, explaining that the trama and loss was too much and I needed these type of medication until I could cope with the situation and loss.. and I made both Joanna and Dr Nguyen aware of every visit I made to the ER ( anytime I was injured and given a prescription for vicoden or something other than what I was prescribed by VSI, I never filled it and gave the ER report and hard copy of the prescription to Dr Nguyen) All the while, they were good with all this because as I had been there for now 6 years, no drug screen issues and they'd ask how I was doing emotionally as well as physically. They are aware of trigger day's, her birthday, death anniversary ect. Through the last year, he kept telling me how hard the I guess the FDA was cracking down on doctors and he wanted to decrease my klonopin, ok so I was now down to 15 a month 1/2 of a .5, but it was fine because we found a muscle relaxer I could take that didn't cause dizziness and confusion, really works well,at least for my neck. During a Spinal that Dr Nguyen performed on me we discussed my options. I heal with scar tissue adhesions and Dr Good had made it clear, if I had surgery he couldn't guarantee I'd walk in six months or maybe not walk out at all. Dr Nguyen stated the only other thing was Stem Cell Transplant and we all know that Medicare doesn't pay for that and so, pain management would have to continue. When I saw Joanna in February I told her about the pain while sleeping and since I still had all those Valium and Ativan in the safe, could we dc the Klonopin and try Ambien BC my brother told me it put him to sleep without a groggy feeling in the morning. Of course and Dr Nguyen was delighted that I asked..ok, so I go back in April and should have asked for the long acting medicine ( Kadian or Embedda back) my pain is extreme, but I didn't think about it, there has been trigger dates and my youngest just had a complete knee reconstruction due to ..Of course, all was discussed and every fine and I f/u in June. On June 14,2019 I see Dr Nguyen, tells me that the Institute is trying to outsource their out of state patients. He gave me the option of having a few months of prescription or to come in every month. Let's just say that when I opted for monthly the topic was I had a metabolite of Valium in my ds. Apparently the letter he sent to my NP makes it ook like I used crack or marijuana & back bruises from inside out and she refused care. Did I mention I moved and live in OHIO now? What happens to me now? No doctor and I can't walk!

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