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Eden Gray

5 months ago

Rating: 5

The staff at the Jackson Clinics at Skyline are fantastic. I worked with Ryan, Dan, and Sophie and found them all extremely knowledgeable and helpful in addressing my case.

Korbin Kiblinger

7 months ago

Rating: 5

They're doing great work here! My therapist, Ben F. is super thorough, asks tons of questions, and wants to make sure you're getting real results before you leave. I never feel rushed and appreciate the focus he's put on my injury and the path forward. Would recommend.

Cheryl Ames

6 months ago

Rating: 5

The staff at Skyline Jackson clinic are outstanding. Everyone from the administrative staff to the exercise therapist and Physical therapists are both friendly and professional. I have mostly received therapy from Dan (PT) in the 3 years I have been going to JC Skyline (for three different injuries). He is skilled in a variety of hands-on therapies, including dry needling which sounds painful, but really helped my knee issue a few years ago. Now I am working with Dan to gain back strength after a fractured shoulder and rotator cuff injury. Together Dan and Beth (ES) have put me on a good strengthening plan and I am on my way to recovery. Recently, I have also starting seeing Sara (PT), who is also very skilled in treating my shoulder injury and advising me on good habits (sleeping and exercise) to help keep pain at a minimum. The other staff members - Sophie, Nicole, and others - make visiting JC Skyline a pleasant experience. I can’t recommend this place enough!

Ramin Dadmanesh

a year ago

Rating: 5

I was refered here following ankle fusion surgery by my HMO since they do not provide gait abnormality assessments themselves. I was expertly and thoroughly evaluated by the clinic director (Nicole) herself and given a preliminary PT session with another therapist (w/ exercise and stretch suggestions I could do myself at home immediately). I only wish my HMO would have permitted me to come here for the recommended ongoing therapy sessions rather than go to one of their own facilities because I was truly impressed by the caring, kind, knowledgeable, and proactive staff here. High marks also go to the spotless and well-equipped facilities.

Raisa Crespo

a year ago

Rating: 1

GRADE: F - (based on their cancellation policy) Long story short, I started PT following surgery. People raved about The Jackson Clinic and their knowledgeable kind staff. But did it live up to the hype? Depends how you look at it. While MOST of the staff was indeed nice-- I experienced a few "displeasing" incidents. Like the time their male receptionist called me, as I was on my way to the office, to inform me that I was 15 minutes late-- with a cold tone in his voice, might I add. But in actuality, and I had a printout, my appointment was 15 minutes later than he proposed. He knew he had messed up because when I arrived he apologized after seeing the printout and quote on quote said "now I feel like a complete (insert the A word here)." Either way, was that a way to speak to a patient? No sir, it was NOT. But the biggest issue I have-- considering I've worked in many doctor offices before -- is the lack of understanding their cancellation policy takes into consideration. Or should I say the Office Manager? I work for a media outlet and my schedule has required me to adjust my appointments super last minute. That's just how the media world works-- we can't control breaking news! But their "Office Manager" does NOT take that into consideration, despite my constant communication with the team. Instead, they're quick to slap that "No Show Fee" because forget your problems, they don't have worries since you're still paying them via NSF. As if I already don't have other bills to pay post-surgery. Yes guys, make MY life easier by throwing in MORE worries. Nothing say's "I care about your health" more than a doctor's bill does. If you're looking to make an appointment here, GOD FORBID you have a last minute emergency at work/home because you WILL be reprimanded for basically having a life. Like I said, I've worked in may doctor offices before and I'm happy to say ALL the locations I worked at ALWAYS found some way to work with billing and their patients-- unlike the Jackson Clinic.

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