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Maria Noonan

a month ago

Rating: 5

I go here for many different services. The staff are excellent. Dr. Laura has been the only individual to figure out some medical issues that no one else could. She took in everything I was saying and was able to properly figure out what was going on. She was vital in the health of my pregnancy as well. I highly recommend this location for any medical needs.

Chante Williams

a month ago

Rating: 1

Went in for a 15 minute consultation to see (...). Was a complete waste of my time. For starters, she didn’t come out till 15 minutes past the time she was supposed to see me. By that time, the appointment should have been over. She did not try to connect with me whatsoever, in fact the appointment lasted less than 5 minutes. Didn’t ask me any specific questions about my health or me. Almost like she had no interest whatsoever for a new client. She was recommended to me by multiple people too so I was quite surprised it went that way. SOS I need a naturopathic doctor that is willing to try and build a connection and take my health seriously. This was a waste of my time.

Adam G

a month ago

Rating: 1

**most recent and LAST** Fred, the owner, called with Ashely, the Office Manager following the last update. They refunded my visit from last year and kept me on the phone for over an hour soliciting feedback. I was told to expect a call from the co-owner the following day to discuss it further. I did not receive a call. Three weeks later, Fred called to say that he had not been able to speak to my Dr. to complete the inquiry. Here’s the deal: the clinic is concerned with perception, not reality. Look no further than past reviews going back YEARS. Same clinic reps responding, same issues going unchanged. Don’t be deceived. **UPDATE** This is only prompted by the clinic’s choice to reply to my review ONE YEAR LATER claiming to have called (which they did not)! For the full story of GROSS INCOMPETENCE, read from the bottom up. In May of 2018, Dr. Shaff ordered over $400 in lab tests KNOWING I WOULD BE PAYING OUT OF POCKET. She led me to believe that the tests, which were outside the scope of what was usually ordered for my health issue, would be beneficial to improving my health. I’m not here to say they wouldn’t be, but I wouldn’t know because Dr. Shaff REFUSED to go over the results with me following several attempts to reach her over the course of the next THIRTY DAYS. I called, I sent a text, I communicated through the patient portal and NOTHING aside from one out of touch reply from the front desk. They had VIOLATED my confidential communication with my doctor by viewing the message I sent her, and offered me the chance to schedule ANOTHER brand new appointment (MORE MONEY). I declined and to this day I have NO IDEA WHAT I PAID FOR. I had given up by this point and honestly, assumed that Dr. Shaff must have left the practice. Only NOW do I see that this poor excuse for compassionate healthcare is still providing services at Heart of Wellness. **UPDATE** On April 20, Ashely called and offered a refund. Apologetically, she asked if I would be willing to give the clinic "one more try". She also asked me to get in touch with her regarding any future concerns. With some reservation, I agreed. On April 22, I received an email and a text message asking me to confirm my appointment - which I did. Just YESTERDAY, I received an email and a text message thanking me for confirming my appointment and stating that "we're all set". Today, yet again, I was greeted by a woman up front that could not have been less personable. She stated that I did not have an appointment and asked me to take a seat (for reasons that are beyond me). Before taking a seat, I asked to speak to the supervisor (I had spaced Ashely's name). She repeated herself, "Ok, have a seat", completely disregarding my request to speak to a supervisor. Fifteen minutes later, as I sat witnessing this woman along with who I would come to find out was Ashley, stare at the computer, I approached and asked what was going on. Only then was I told that in fact my appointment had been canceled. Ashley asked me if could come back at 3:30 as if it was my responsibility to bend over backwards for a mistake made by their office. I declined. **UPDATE** I will no longer be visiting again and I have adjusted my review from 2 stars down to 1. This business isn't worth another chance. I just looked at a referral Dr. Shannon gave me and it is for a practitioner in a city that is 30mi away from his office and my residence (information he had right in front of him). **ORIGINAL** Only because there are flyers asking for reviews in the lobby, will I provide some initial feedback after my first visit. The women up front are not personable at all and seemed preoccupied, which is ironic given that their primary function is customer service. I saw Dr. Shannon and can't speak to his level of expertise because the visit was spent competing for air time (giving vs. taking a history). All in all, it was a stressful and expensive visit. I will be visiting again, mostly due to the cost of starting over at another clinic.

Kelly Allen

5 months ago

Rating: 5

The very best medical care I have ever had. Whole body and mind Wellness. Any other type of primary care will leave you only half way healthy.

RaeAnne Richards

4 months ago

Rating: 1

I come and get some labs done and never got my results or a response from any of my messages, just paid for the labs and no response. Besides I spend an hour talking to my naturalpath Dr about all I have researched and get told that's good and get charged $130, no recommendations or further information and when I get my labs back I just feel like she doesn't put them all together and give me info and advice. It's just what I have researched myself. I am just fed up with spending all this money and still not feeling well.

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