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Alexis Osuna

a year ago

Rating: 1

I dislocated my thumb this winter in January. I had previously been advised that my thumb was okay after going to Lourdes, BUT was encouraged for a follow up "just to be sure" and was referred here. I knew my hand would be okay, but sure, Dr. knows best. I show up Feb 7, fill out some paper work, get called in and the doctor assessed me. Sure enough, nothing but a little bruising. So I got dismissed. Apparently signing up and filling out paperwork cost $270 alone, PLUS the $310 for the Dr.'s assessment. Umm.. that's ridiculous. I was charged close to $600 just for 2 minutes of the Dr.'s time and to fill out paperwork!!! Great hospitality, but NOT WORTH THE PRICE. I was also told to schedule a follow up (which I had not recieved the bill yet) where I accepted and they persisted in charging me an additional & unnecessary $110 more. Friendly staff, but THEY WILL TAKE AS MUCH MONEY FROM YOU AS THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH. If you're okay with that, I'd give this place a solid 4 stars. Otherwise, my current rating

Sallye Sullivan

a month ago

Rating: 5

The staff was helpful and the phone interview was on time. Caleb asked pertinent questions and listened to my concerns. He is very personable. I was very satisfied with his explanations and suggestions. I believe we're on the right path for improvement. Thank you.

Shilo Kominarek

a month ago

Rating: 5

From day one they have treated me with Respect and amazing care and have gone way out of their way to make sure I’m healthy. I’ve had a rough past 7 years with my work place injuries & they have done everything they can to get me healthy and put a smile back on my face including calling me at night to make sure I went to the hospital ( probably saved my life )Amazing staff , amazing Nurses and amazing Dr’s

Steve Dearing

a month ago

Rating: 5

I love going to see caleb. He is extremely thorough. I can't say enough about him. If he doesn't find your problem from his exam he will continue to look for answers from further testing. Absolutely 5 star rating

Sandra Sackett

2 months ago

Rating: 5

I recommend Tri-City Orthopedic Clinic, they take your pain seriously and really listen to what is going on. They don't rush you during your appointment which is a plus in my book. We haven't quiet managed to get my pain under control yet, but together we're working on it.

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Physical Therapists

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