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JoAnne Marks

4 months ago

Rating: 1

I see Dr. Campbell who by the way is a fabulous physician. He is passionate about his work and he is very organized. But this review isn't about him, it's about the office policies. Every time I have gone here for an appointment I wait hours and I'm not exaggerating. My last appointment I waited 2 hours in the lobby and over an hour in the exam room. Always the same excuse 'he's overbooked or there was an emergency case that bumped me further down the line'. If I take sick leave, get there early, what excuse is there to wait 3 hours to be seen? but more importantly, why didn't the office call me? I would have gladly stayed at work, saved my leave and arrive 3 hours later. I don't understand why they wait until you're standing in the check-in line to tell you he's 3 hours behind? If I didn't trust Dr. Campbell and had not already built a rapport I would find a new physician that respects my time the way I respect his. If you select this practice, pack a lunch and a good book because you're in it for the long haul.

Frank Spivey

a month ago

Rating: 1

The worst medical help I have ever received! I broke my shoulder over a month ago, and now have nerve damage. the dr. Cohn told me the radial nerve is also damaged.. His comment "see you next month"! I am limited to what kinds of pain meds i can use due to an enlarged liver caused by Tylenol being prescribed to me from other injuries from the past, I am a non drinker so the liver damage is not from alcohol, I dont smoke or use drugs for recreational purposes, and had to see pain management for spinal injuries, so I know what medications work and what dont, I am not a drug seeker, I am seeking relief from this pain..I've reached out to dr. Cohn's office on many occasions and was informed" the dr. has done all he is going to do for you" which so far is observing me go through pain! He assigned a pain Management office, and I was informed that they would call me..3 weeks later I received the call but was unable to answer, I returned the call and had to speak to a recording, I once again reached out to dr. Cohn's office and was told that I refused surgery, go to pain Management and psyical therapy, which i only refused therapy, because I didn't want to be subjected to even more pain before what I'm going through is addressed.I compare this medical attention to a Viet-Nam era POW who was injured and thrown into a cell without any medical attention at all! So far dr. Cohn has done nothing but observe my pain and suffering....Once again " I am not seeking narcotics, I am seeking medical help of any kind"! Not just being observed. Update. It took this sadistic office 2 weeks to submit a referral to pain Management! They claim I rejected going to P.M. when I was seen there, And yet they made a referral? I guess I'm to blame for all their bad reviews too?

Kate Edrich

2 months ago

Rating: 2

Been here for a couple of surgeries. Waiting time in the office has always been long. Recently went back for pain in my finger and hand that I've been dealing with for over a year. Had to wait two months for the appointment....called in every week to see of there was a opening since the pain had gotten worse. By the time of the appointment the pain had finally stopped and the doctors stated that there's nothing wrong since the pain is gone and no fracture in xray. About a month has past and I can't move the finger or have anything pressed against it. I won't go back to this place and sadly there is not many orthopedic in norfolk.

Pat Hines

a month ago

Rating: 1

I would love to rate this practice lower but one is as low as I can go. Doctors are just not skilled.

christopher stoute

2 months ago

Rating: 1

this place takes being patient to a whole new level

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