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Scott Harrison

a year ago

Rating: 5

Only place that has been able to offer me help. The staff is great and they always take their time. I highly recommend coming here before going anywhere else.

Debora DeLacy

2 years ago

Rating: 5

My knee pain became excruciating over the last year due to a role change at work where I sit more than normal and the hours were long leaving little time for any activity except on the weekends. Current x-rays show I still have arthritis and it is still mild. I thought I was in for knee replacements and my Orthopedist recommended Physical Therapy. After researching the recommended clinics I chose one that does Chinese Medicine as part of their treatment. I am amazed at the approach this team of specialists takes toward finding and correcting physical problems. Adjustments, acupuncture and targeted stretching and exercises to rebuild the muscles which caused the pain. I do not believe any one of these approaches would have helped alone. The focus of each member of the team is to understand which muscles are causing the issues and focusing their combined treatments on the root cause. I am in week 5 and am so happy to report more and more completely pain free days. Physical Therapy requires commitment and participation from the patient. I am willing to do what it takes to get my life and knees back into shape and it shows. I walked 8 hours at Disney last weekend and the soreness was small. I bowled last night (on a therapy day) and instead of limping around and swelling today, I am only tender. Now that I know how to identify muscles that are not functioning correctly, I can tell where I need to focus my out of clinic work at home. Really wish I knew all this ten years ago, but I am also really glad I made a smart choice in choosing ARC for my treatment. The Mt. Dora team is amazing!

Deb Williams

2 years ago

Rating: 5

Wonderful experience here. Every visit resulted in less pain & greater mobility. My questions & concerns were listened to & addressed in a positive & caring manner. Would not hesitate to go back if needed. Recommended the place to others that I know.

Luanne Brandt

3 years ago

Rating: 5

The entire staff at the ARC Mt. Dora office has been so helpful, ALWAYS so nice, and my treatments have been so beneficial for me. I have to travel a bit of a distance, but so worth it for the great experience I have had there. I HIGHLY recommend this place for physical therapy!

Dave Hogan

3 years ago

Rating: 5

I was experiencing severe lower back pain and had already tried a chiropractor, without success. After just the first week of a four-week treatment plan with Dr. Shih and her staff at ARC, I saw remarkable improvement. I was impressed by the wide range of therapy tools available, such as acupuncture, compared with more traditional PT clinics. The staff is friendly and very competent. I would recommend the Mount Dora office of ARC to anyone experiencing pain that can be treated with physical therapy.

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