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Whitney Veeh

6 months ago

Rating: 3

I was recovering from a knee surgery and sought them first for PT. I did not like that my physical therapist was treating multiple patients at the same time. I was told to do an exercise and was left to my own devices while he helped others. It was not an attentive experience and felt like I could have just looked up exercises and done it on my own at home. I ended up going to a different local physical therapist where it was a one-on-one experience which was much better for me.

Shelly Nelson

6 months ago

Rating: 2

My Dr. recommended PT for my back. It took over a month to get an appt. I asked for a cost estimate since I have a high deductible medical plan and was told they didnt know how much it would cost per visit even after my appt. Then I called back before the next appt and they had no prob telling me that my one hour appt was $349. I had to cancel the rest because $349 x 2 appt a week is unaffordable by most standards no matter how nice the therapist is.

Loretta Walsh

8 months ago

Rating: 5

ProActive Physical Therapy Specialists are knowledgeable, caring and take time to listen to your concerns. They provide excellent care.

scott phillips

a year ago

Rating: 5

these girls really know their stuff.I had an undiagnosed problem for 20 years ,7 Kaiser doctors and a workman's comp doctor later it was just a psoas/hip problem even after I told him/Dr. what it was he denied it!!?? from front to back these guys are professionals.there's a lot of different therapists and they're all good even the guys,my favorite is Elli/Eleanor she's kind of like an Indy race car mechanic that I stole a lot of tools from and a magician because she could watch the way you walk or something simple like that and she would know where you were in pain, kind of weird;-)and especially herniated disc,she knows their stuff.thank you proactive you've made my life feel better;-)I hope I never see you again

Jody Marsh

9 months ago

Rating: 5

Professional and understanding, they listen to what you are saying, and care about your well being.

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