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in the last week

Rating: 1

I cannot recommend Dr. Breeden. His office turned my wife away from a new patient appointment and told her to reschedule. She has already waited a month for this appointment. She was turned away after showing up 10 minutes early for her appointment to fill out paperwork. She was told she would not be seen because her paperwork was not prefilled out. I have to ask, what would have been the difference with her sitting in the waiting room and using her 10 minutes to fill out her paperwork vs her showing up right on time and handing it in then? We all know a Dr's office is never on time and she would have sat in the waiting room for a good 10 minutes past her scheduled time anyway (this is my assumption). After driving the 35 minutes it takes us to get into town, arriving 10 minutes early for this appointment she has waited a month for; to only be told the Dr. said he wont see her because of paperwork, is ridiculous. I would understand if she showed up right on time or a couple minutes late and they were backed up and couldn't afford to wait for her; but, that wasn't the case, she was 10 minutes EARLY. The even more frustrating part, after inquiring why she was denied her appointment, I looked around the office and could see other patients sitting, waiting for their own appointment, filling out paperwork. I have to wonder why she seemed to be singled out. I have never heard of a Dr. office turning a patient away for showing up early to fill out paperwork. I was told by the lady at the front that it was the Dr who made the decision. Great job Dr.

Michael Peters

a year ago

Rating: 1

Had a bad experience with Dr.Breedens office the staff wasn't friendly one of the nurses was very nasty will never go there again. Rhonda

Sara Quinn

2 years ago

Rating: 5

Dr. Breeden is the best! He is so friendly, and you can tell he really cares about his patients and does everything he can to offer them the best treatment options.

Lauri R

2 years ago

Rating: 5

Bedside manner is awesome, caring, understand. Dr Shoham is amazing my, back injections don't' hurt when he carefully places the needle at the point of irritation. The fact that Dr Shiham is an anesthesiologist as well as right where he belongs Lumbar Spine Hip Doctor who is actually available is incredible! I've only visted the Richland office/clinic and he is the best Spinal Specialist I've had in a long time. I was treated 5 years ago, in a different town and it was a horrible experience. Before I hobbled in today, I had recently been noticing the last injections I had at same location start to wear off. Hips were treated today I almost made it a year but admittedly should have called around the beginning of the year to keep ahead of it instead trying to ingnore to the unbearable. I suffer from severe stenosis l4 l5 and am getting in as soon as next Monday! My hip pain is easing the back persists but only one week and I'll be a much nicer person, lol. A special shout out goes to PA Tyler and Nurse Bree for helping me walk again with ease today I had hip injections and it was not painful at all. Looking forward to my back injection. Lol, who really says that? Sincerely, Lauri R

Corrie Salvador

2 years ago

Rating: 5

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