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a year ago

Rating: 1

I really wanted to like this place. But several red flags we observed resulted in us changing acupuncturist as well as not recommending this place to anyone else. 1) Staff there overall was lacking professionalism. The front reception would make a change to our schedule and not notify the rest of the staff causing major confusion. 2) Poor communication skills and bedside manners was observed. The person administering the needles would not proactively take action even after indicating the needles were causing pain. On one occasion, the person administering the needles was on his cell phone during our session WHILE administering needles to our bodies. Poor communication skills and professionalism is a huge concern. Would not recommend.

Hoyle Kim

2 years ago

Rating: 5

Dr. Min is one of the most skilled and caring doctors - Western or Eastern medicine combined - that has treated/alleviated my neck, shoulder and arm pain. I wouldn't be able to write this post if it weren't for her.

Carpe Diem

7 years ago

Rating: 5

In November of 2010, I sustained a toxic reaction from the antibiotic, Cipro. I was unable to work for ten months due to the damage the drug had done. I had nearly lost all muscle strength and was in excruciating pain in my joints and muscles throughout my body. I also suffered short term memory loss for several months. Most of my time was spent in bed. Since going back to work in August of 2011 I have had periods of nearly symptom free progress, followed by weeks of severe pain and muscle weakness. As recently as March 2012, during a particularly difficult day, I needed a walker and my husband’s help to do even the most basic tasks such as getting to the bathroom. It was shortly after that when I South Korean friend of ours told us about the exceptional reputation, in the Korean acupuncture community, of Dr. Yoon. I trusted my friend, but was feeling skeptical at the same time because it just didn’t make sense that needles and herbs could correct a problem that not even Virginia Mason could fix. From the time of the toxic reaction in 2010 until March of 2012, I was under the care of a Rheumatologist at Virginia Mason in Seattle. I was prescribed Plaquenil, Prednisone, sleeping pills, and pain pills. All seemed to just temporarily mask the illness that continued to disrupt a once incredibly active lifestyle. In addition to the masking, all the drugs given had potentially serious side effects. After my first visit with Dr. Yoon, he asked that I come back weekly for six months. I wasn’t sure about this at first because it takes me 1 hour and 45 minutes to drive one way from my home in South Olympia. That means that every Saturday, I would be gone for nearly six hours. This is a lot to ask of a working mother who has had difficulty just findings enough energy to get through the work week. After two months of making that Saturday commitment, I am thrilled to say that it has been worth it! Dr. Yoon is so talented at this practice that he has worked through every painful episode and restored my health and happiness within days of the outbreak. In addition, one week I happened to mention that I had a sinus infection, but didn’t want to risk taking antibiotics again. After his treatment, it was gone within two days. I am also sleeping better and handling stress in a much healthier way thanks to his treatments. While I am fully aware that there a plenty of acupuncturists in Olympia, I would never consider switching due to Dr. Yoon’s gifts that seem to go above and beyond success rates of many acupuncturists. My friend knew what he was talking about when he said Dr. Yoon’s reputation was so strong that it would be worth the drive.


a year ago

Rating: 5

너무 친절하고 좋습니다..

Bobby Chatman

6 months ago

Rating: 3

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