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Michael Morphis

5 months ago

Rating: 2

I called to reschedule an appointment due to a conflict that wasn’t otherwise resolvable, but when the schedule gets pushed 2 months further than the originally agreed date and no one wants to resolve it, bad office practice. Speaking to the first person was frustrating as she refused to answer a simple question about someone else in charge and all she continued to reiterate the date in the schedule which I am sure was NOT the original agreed date. Serious doubts about the professionalism here.

Michelle Fandrich

a year ago

Rating: 1

If I could, I would give the woman at the call center, Nicole, zero stars for her lack of empathy, lack of customer service skills & complete rudeness over the phone. I called to check on a referral that was sent over a month prior. My husband had a massive stroke and needed a follow up appointment, so the referral and appointment with a neurologist is critical. Nicole asked questions to ascertain the nature of the referral and as I gave her the information, she cut me off twice, saying she "did not need to hear this information" or that she was "not a nurse so the information was unnecessary". The questions were timeline driven, so I was recounting the hospitalization timeline to give her the information she was requesting. This was when she felt it necessary to rudely speak over me & cut me off. She then told me she had to have the manager at the Puyallup clinic review the referral and they would get back with me, so no appointment was even offered. I am the general manager of two businesses and I would never hire this woman. She is lucky to have found, and I guess kept, a job in a customer service industry. Nicole should learn to leave her poor attitude at the door before interacting with the public.

Kendra Blythin

a year ago

Rating: 5

My experience with the Neuroscience Center has been 100% positive (outside of an upsetting diagnosis, of course.) The check-in staff are warm and friendly, and the doctor’s office staff are quick and thorough. I have had very short wait times and the quality of care I’ve received has been excellent.

Amanda Harper

a year ago

Rating: 2

I have been dealing with Multicare, and their neurologists for a few years now. I have MS, as well as panic and anxiety disorders. I have disliked all my neurologists with Multicare, but after moving to Puyallup they were my only option in the area. I first saw someone In Puyallup, that woman seemed very uncaring and uptight. After she retired I was forced to go in to Tacoma to the neuroscience center, because no MS specialists would be coming to the Puyallup location anymore, and I am not allowed to just see one of their regular neurologists. This sucks for me because I cannot drive myself over to Tacoma due to my anxiety. So it has turned in to a whole event where my husband has to take a day off to drive me and etc. I see Dr. Donlon now, she seems very knowledgeable, but I have had a few issues communication/getting things mixed up on their end that have been very very stressful for me. Especially in times of medical crisis which is when the severe issues have happened. I don’t think she doesn’t care about me but a lot of the time she comes off as a bit smug and like the empathy is very fake. The bit of contact I’ve had with the other neurologists here they all seem to be of a similar disposition. That all being said I do think that Dr.Donlon addresses some issues for me quickly when I think I may be having a flare up with my MS and doesn’t really hesitate to order imaging or medications if necessary to resolve a flare. I have had similar issues across Multicare as a whole, with primary care doctors, and other specialists, so it may just be the type of people Multicare favors. I would go somewhere else if I had any other options.

Nathan Crosbie

a year ago

Rating: 5

I'm not sure why there are some bad reviews .ive been here 2 dozen times between my visits and my fiance and we've had nothing but wonderful service.

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