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Alan Jones

11 months ago

Rating: 5

Dr Ruhoy and her team have been caring for me for 6 months now. I find her approach extremely refreshing, she actually listens, and she has a strong leaning toward a natural approach to healing and holistic care, a great understanding of neurology, and she's ahead of the science development curve. You kind of feel like part of the family here. Highly recommended.

Bailey Lehtinen

9 months ago

Rating: 5

I see Dr. Ruhoy for treatment of my seizure disorder. After going through multiple neurologists and multiple medications, I was recommended to try CFHN by a coworker. My life has completely changed since coming here. My seizures are almost completely controlled through a combination of low-dose anti seizure medications, herbs, vitamins and lifestyle changes. Dr. Ruhoy is the first neurologist I’ve had that has really validated my concerns and worked with me to get my condition to a manageable spot. This clinic is not for those who want to be passive in their treatment. In my experience, other neurologists are keen to throw high-dose medications your way to treat the problem. Not here, you will be encouraged to make changes to improve your overall health. This is a huge plus for me, but may not be for everyone. This clinic does not take insurance but does accept my FSA. It can be a little pricey but if you can swing it it’s worth every penny and they are very transparent about cost. You pay for appointments upfront so there aren’t and surprise bills.

Mary Kibbe

a year ago

Rating: 5

I don’t have enough words to express how grateful I am for the expertise of Dr. Issa. My son has been dealing with daily headache pain over the last year. It took several referrals, a few trips over the mountains, and a little divine intervention but we ended up with an appointment to see the new headache specialist that joined The Center for Healing Neurology. That title comes with high expectations and Dr Issa has surpassed them all. My son turns 16 in a few days and I’m very thankful she took him on as her first and youngest patient at the clinic. She combines the compassion of being a mother, a highly educated neurologist, and the ability to share her information with the heart of an teacher. She addresses my son as the young adult he is and ensures that he is learning to participate in his own health care while valuing my input. It has not been a fast process but Dr Issa has educated us throughout the entire complex diagnostic process. His health and happiness has been the focus of all treatments explored. We have systematically worked through the diagnostic process and are making huge progress. Dr Issa is very conscientious of the fact that traveling from Spokane to Seattle can be challenging. She has made phone consults highly available when appropriate. Our entire family and most importantly my son is getting his life back thanks to the expertise of Dr Issa.

Courtney Soularie

2 years ago

Rating: 5

Dr. Ruhoy has quite literally changed my life for the better. I have been sick and searching for answers since 2009. I have seen at least 30 Neurologists in the greater Seattle area and at the Mayo Clinic in MN. Not one Neurologist besides Dr. Ruhoy had the care, compassion, and experience to order the right diagnostic tests and get me the answers I so greatly needed. Since meeting Dr. Ruhoy last year and getting my proper diagnosis' I have begun to get better. We are still doing tests and working on a treatment plan, but all of the treatments I have started are working so far. Dr. Ruhoy is an incredible diagnostician. It's an absolute shame that there are not more doctors like her. I am forever grateful that I got that first appointment with her & that she is an integral part of my healthcare team going forward.

Heather Earwood

2 years ago

Rating: 5

After my PCP told me I could possibly have a very rare neurological disorder I didn’t know where to turn. I saw Dr Ruhoy do a interview on King 5 news and was impressed with what she had to say. After my 1st visit with Dr Ruhoy I knew I found a doctor who care more about me than making money off me. She spent more than a hour discuss options and ordered labs and other diagnostic tests to rule other things out. Over the past year I have had many issues and problems come about with my health, Dr Ruhoy has never made me feel like I was crazy or a nuisance. If I email her a question on the patient portal she always responds within 24-48 hours even on the weekends. I have had the pleasure to work with other providers in her clinic and the have always made me feel very comfortable. I am very blessed to have found such a caring doctor and wonderful practice.

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