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Sean Lambert

3 weeks ago

Rating: 1

Peace health in general is so incredibly mismanaged I don’t understand how they stay in business. I’ve been waiting six months for a referral. They never called me for an appointment when my referral was approved. We scheduled an appointment a month ago, then three days before the appointment they call me and say “the doctor we scheduled you with was temporary and he’s already gone.” No apologies or solutions for solving their own failure, no. I simply have to wait two more months to be seen.

Nikole Records

7 months ago

Rating: 1

Not a great experience. My dad utilized their therapy services after a stroke, and they cancelled his therapy without warning, saying that he had met his cap on insurance. I understand that, but there was no warning. My dad had asked them to please call my mom or myself to give us instructions moving forward, and he was told that a therapist would call and advise. Never called us. I called and was told that a therapist would call us. Still no call. We found our own outpatient therapist who was wonderful!! I would NOT recommend this rehab! There lack of communication and follow through is horrible!!

cute Pandas

4 months ago

Rating: 1

Dr. Jacobson was my favorite doctor. It's no wonder he chose to retire. I've had 2 new neurologists in the past 12 months. the newest one tells me multiple times within 10 minutes: "I don't specialize in Epilepsy." She went on to say that there are no options to help me for my Epilepsy. Go to OHSU. Why am I spending 2 hours of my day to make phone calls because Dr. Hassan failed to send my referral to OHSU and fax my paperwork to FMLA.

Alex Larsen

a year ago

Rating: 1

Let's start at the beginning. They no longer accepted my insurance and then canceled my appointment without notifying me or the referring doctor. I got insurance they accepted and went to the specialist only for him to not order or send the referral for an exam. I called one month later thinking I should have at least received the referral paperwork but it turns out it was never sent and the doctor went on vacation. I asked the Medical assistant on the phone if this happens often, and she said, "yes, all the time with this provider". If you want medical help that means anything, go elsewhere.

Brandy Hayes

a year ago

Rating: 5

Paul Jacobson Is Best Doctor I Have See...

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