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Alex Larsen

a year ago

Rating: 1

Let's start at the beginning. They no longer accepted my insurance and then canceled my appointment without notifying me or the referring doctor. I got insurance they accepted and went to the specialist only for him to not order or send the referral for an exam. I called one month later thinking I should have at least received the referral paperwork but it turns out it was never sent and the doctor went on vacation. I asked the Medical assistant on the phone if this happens often, and she said, "yes, all the time with this provider". If you want medical help that means anything, go elsewhere.

Brandy Hayes

9 months ago

Rating: 5

Paul Jacobson Is Best Doctor I Have See...

Jennifer Buehler

a year ago

Rating: 1

The phone system is terrible. Prepare to be on hold for ten minutes, minimum. My appointment had to be made four months out, then was rescheduled two days beforehand by the clinic for another two weeks out. The icing on the cake was, after being told that I "could be an expert" on migraines by the doctor i was finally able to see (I am; I've had them for over 30 years), I was just told to take Excedrin and Benadryl to get rid of my 24 hour-long migraine by said doctor. GTFO. Looking for a new neurologist right now.

Bruce Melkonian

4 years ago

Rating: 3

Their phone system is awful. You get to hear a ringing sound for a long time, and if you're lucky you'll be put on "hold" for another long period. Their excuse, which they've using for years, is "a high call volume." The doctors are good, however. The best, Dr. Herschberg, was forced to quit because of a personal health problem. But Dr. Jacobsen is okay.

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