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Jessica Diehl

11 months ago

Rating: 4

Everyone there is nice... there were a couple issues with getting my shots done but they have been very patient with me cause Ive called about 30 times telling them something different about my paperwork and they agree to help me every time. They have given nothing but a positive and helpful response to my frantic phone calls. Everyone who answers the phone is really kind, every nurse that Ive talked to is really kind. They are really trying to help me get my paperwork done right for school! My apologizes Brookfield Family Medicine for calling 30,000 times but thank you for being patient and listing to what I need differently and helping me.

Charles Easter

a year ago

Rating: 1

I can’t believe this happened. 1st it took 45 minutes to make the appointment. I was very specific about what I needed. I waited four days just to get into the office. I arrived five minutes late calling before hand. I was approached by the nurse practitioner. We enter the examination room, I started explaining to the nurse that the his school nurse needed certain type of immunization shots and she abruptly said no that’s impossible. that’s not going to happen today in a rude out of time since of manner. I explained that my children did not need a physical. The conversation escalated into an embarrassment argument for myself and the nurse she had a bad attitude about timing it was all bout us being late she had no time to complete this. She had such a bad attitude zero bed side manner. She was confrontational to start and in a hurry. The office manager explained the protocol for new patience and immunizations, they would need to go over all the records before they could administer any vaccinations, which is completely acceptable . I asked why was I not told this before hand and I could of made arrangements for paperwork beforehand. In the end you get a cold feeling from this office. The nurse made us feel her time was more valuable than ours. I wish I remembered the nurses name. I would say to stay away from this place. I wish I would of read all these complaints about this group.

Jane Newman

a year ago

Rating: 1

Time to find a new practice, Tarbell is the worst MD that I have ever encountered in my life. This visit was for a sudden issue, non life threatening. For a Tufts graduate, she is not what one would expect. Spends too much time hearing what she wants to hear and prescribes OTC meds that one of my specialists said "absolutely not" to!! Thankfully, I was smart enough to call my specialist to discuss Tarbell's recommendation. This visit was a total waste of time. I pity the poor people that have to see her and place their trust in her. -10 stars from me.

Kimberly Diaz

a year ago

Rating: 1

I think the 2.2 rating says it all, unfortunately the staff at the front desk, specifically Saudia is so rude, disrespectful, incompetent, and has gotten my insurance information wrong the last 3 times I was here. It makes me uncomfortable to check in, I used to boast about this place now I wouldn't send my worst enemy

Meighan McNally

a year ago

Rating: 1

Did you know that this practice has no regard for the patient at all?! They only X-ray your pocket, or rather your insurance, and work from there. I had been going here for several years and initially loved my primary who no longer works there. But sadly, about 2 years ago, I got the first bad taste in my mouth. I was waiting in the 6 person deep check-in line for about 22 minutes, and when I was finally able to check in I was advised that “I was over 9 minutes late and would have to reschedule my appointment because the doctor only has 15 minutes to see me.” I staunchly said No after driving and hour to make my appointment, and explained I was in fact in the building the whole time. They were not kidding though, the doctor literally met with me for 4 minutes and 16 seconds, and yes I did time him on my phone. But I figured it was the only SNAFU I had, can’t fault people for the WCMG policies of not caring about the actual health of a patient, right?! Well today I called to ask about getting my medical records. Since I now live far away and the only reason I still went to the practice no longer is there, I figured now is the time for me to move on too. I am going to be in the area tomorrow so I asked to have my records ready tomorrow afternoon. Not only was I told that it takes 30 days to get them, and quite smugly that they have 30 days by law and only 1 employee capable of handling the job of pressing “print” on medical records, that because they are coming to me, THE PATIENT, there is a 12 cents per page charge. However if they go to another doctors office they are free of charge. Why?! Why are You penalizing a patient?! I work in the medical field and not only would we never make someone pay for their own records it also wouldn’t be an issue if they called and gave us 24 hours notice to get them ready for them! Just goes to show WCMG and Brookfield Family is al about the benjamins, and no sadly, not their patients with Ben as a first name. Stay away and go to a doctor not under this umbrella if possible!

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