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Rebecca Colwell

9 months ago

Rating: 5

We LOVE Carol McCahon she is always so Amazing with our kids! My hubby and I now see her as well and she’s always so helpful and informative and caring. We followed her from when she worked in everett and shes so worth the drive.

Renee Ferguson

10 months ago

Rating: 1

I saw Carol McCahon, wish I hadn't. She was not interested in helping. I went in to establish new care, be seen for gallbladder attacks, a skin tag and to have medication renewed. I'm pretty sure she felt I was wasting her time. She refused to renew a prescription I have been on for 2 years and referred me to a clinic in Seattle. I asked about my gallbladder attacks and she asked me if i was willing to make lifestyle changes or if my end game was surgery. Not sure what that is supposed to mean exactly. Does anyone"want" to have surgery? So I was referred to Colby Campus to make my own appointment for an ultrasound and lab work. When it came to my skin tag, she seemed annoyed I was still there. Glanced at my shoulder and proudly announced that this new growth I had was in fact a mole, not a skin tag as previously diagnosed. You guessed it, another referral. So just to recap, my $30 copay got me 3 referrals, no refill on my meds, and treated like I was a burden to the ARNP. No thanks, I won't be returning for another visit with her. It's unfortunate as I've always been treated extremely well by providence. As a previous employee of PEMC I can honestly say, she does not represent the standard of care prov expects.

tayler R

10 months ago

Rating: 1

I had an Dr appointment they cancelled due to family emergency! I got hit by a car soonest they could see me was a month. I will never go back nor will anyone who has a heart will. Wouldn't even let me see anybody. Didn't call and tell me they cancelled I had to walk 4 miles to hear they can't see me!!! Worst Dr ever !!!!

Amanda Quiring

2 years ago

Rating: 4

Dr. Grant is amazing! Probably the best doctor we have ever had. Caring, thorough and explains things clearly. Giving 4 stars instead of 5 because they do tend to run 15-20 minutes late.

Julia Turner

a year ago

Rating: 1

I have been going to this clinic for 10 years! Seeing Dr. Grant who is an exceptional doctor caring, smart and always pushing me to complete my goals. I called yesterday was told he's no longer with the clinic but a Dr. M could see me as he's taking Dr. Grant patient's so I schedule the appt. About 5 mins later get a call back stating Dr. M won't see me because of my narcotic script and she will ask a different md in office if they will see me and follow up. So she calls back maybe 5 minutes later and states no one in the office will see you for your pain management/follow up with you but they can refer you to a specialist because of the new "providence rules". Its truly upsetting and sad as a patient for years with no problems/ always abbided by my contract to be treated differently. Its sad that we get less&less time with doctors. Wait longer, can't get into our doctors when really needed and now there being dictated on how,vwhen and what they can treat!! So beyond irritated with our healthcare system.

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Physicians–General Practice

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