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Ben Smith

5 months ago

Rating: 5

Of all the pharmacies around, this has been the fastest for me by a long shot. The negative reviews do not in any way reflect the professionalism, courtesy, and speed of the people working here. I was truly shocked when I saw the low user ratting when looking up the hours. They have been great with dealing with my doctors and my insurance. I live closer to 4 pharmacies but drive here because it saves me time in the long run.

Monique Robertson

a year ago

Rating: 5

I don't understand the below reviews. I've always been helped promptly and with courtesy. The pharmacists are very knowledgeable and the staff helpful. I was forced by my insurance company to switch to CVS for so called 'step-therapy' which means an extra layer of scrutiny over what my doctor recommended so I wasn't happy with the switch; but really, the staff made me comfortable and patiently answered all my questions and now I don't mind the change at all.

Richard von Bostel

10 months ago

Rating: 5

I'm also confused by the bad reviews for this pharmacy. I've never had a problem here, and have been going here for years.

david ho

2 years ago

Rating: 1

I should have heeded the warnings and reviews. Said a drug was covered, in fact is not, now I'm stuck with several hundred needles for a kit I can't use. Avoid this place like the plague...your best off going to a different pharmacy. If I could give less than 1 star I would.

Danielle Thomas

4 years ago

Rating: 2

As a former cashier, I can confidently say my Target Chantilly store cashier today was an idiot. It's hard to write reviews about customer service, there is so much miss communication, but my cashier today shouldn't be allowed to handle money. I was at the store picking up what ended up as $14 of home goods. I got in line and an older white woman ushered me to register 4. Here's the conversation: "I have a gift card on my phone I want to use for this" "Okay great, I just need to scan it. How much is it for?" Me:"Just the total" Her:"How much is that?" Me:"I don't know? Whatever your computer says?" Her:"No, how much is the gift card for?" Me:"Oh, I think there's $25 on there now." My cashier then processes to ring me up, with a remaining balance of $39. I asked her, "Are you sure the gift card came up?" She held up the receipt and said, "Look, yes, here's your gift card use of $25" when the receipt showed she charged me $25. I ended up having to go to customer service and the very normal, helpful woman there just shook her head in embarrassment as I explained what my previous cashier had done. Working in retail can sometimes be hard, but this cashier takes the cake. Target, don't allow people like this to handle money. I just wonder how often this happens to her.

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