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Laura Bollettino

a month ago

Rating: 1

I sent my college age daughters in for an annual exam, paid for that exam, including an additional fee to be fitted for contacts. Both girls live out of town and pay for their own contacts so are very price conscious. Low and behold, the good doctor prescribed lenses that can only be purchased from this location and can literally be found no where else. And these new lenses are far more expensive than any we have had in the past. Of course you do not discover this until you do a search to find the best price on lenses. When my daughters called back to ask about this, they were told they have to come in for another appointment or no new prescription. So we are out of pocket the fees because they live out of town and we can't get back in for another appointment or they have to buy super expensive lenses from this location. Seems like a racket. Eye & Vision Care does not in fact care and has taken advantage of young people to make a buck. What a terrible and untrustworthy approach. This makes me question her ability as an optometrist as well.

nida chaughtai

in the last week

Rating: 1

This place is a scam, avoid at all costs! On Feb 17 I came in to get my annual eye exam and contact lens prescription after confirming they are in network.in network means there’s a contracted rate for service. When I go in, I ask the receptionist how much for the contact lens basically to confirm its the same I paid last year at another establishment. Her answer: I can’t tell you until you take your exam. That got bells going off for me. The place I went previously for my exams always told me everything up front. Then I nervously go in for the exam. When I go in, the doctor told me how much it’s going to cost, and it’s about TRIPLE what I paid for under my insurance last year! I let her do the exam because I was already in her office and felt pressured to finish. It honestly felt like car salesman tactics. Only good thing is the doctor was nice and professional. After I go out to pay with Alex, he asked me to pay without even showing me the insurance write up. I asked him to print it out, and then I see where they tried to charge me for “premium fit” instead of “Standard fit” for contact lens. I insist to speak to manager why they charging me premium rate for a basic contact lens exam. He goes in back and calls manager on phone. He comes back saying because I am first time customer, manager is charging the “premium fit” rate! This has NOTHING to do with any extra service provided or my prescription. This is UNACCEPTABLE, why do we have Insurance if business is going to try to con the system into charging customers more for “premium fit”?? Again, last year at another eye doctor, I paid $40 (standard fit rate) for the SAME service and even same prescription! I have all my records. This place is trying to make extra money off customers who are ignorant of their practices by upselling services! I called up my insurance and they told me she’ll put in a complaint. I am still upset at how they couldn’t give me a proper reason for charging me “premium fit” for a regular exam, other than greed.

Dell Dell

5 months ago

Rating: 5

Amazing Eye Doctor!!! It is very rear to find a business now days who really care for their customers/patients. We were in need of a eye exam for our son who was going away to college. Without hesitation, they were able to see our son on the same day. The person we spoke to on the phone name Shereea was so nice and made us feel right at home when we arrived. She is wonderful asset to the office. The doctor was very knowledgeable and they were able to train our son how to put on his contacts in less than two visits (wow!!) and gave him a few trial pair. Alex in the office was very nice and made sure we had the full order of contacts less than a week. They really care about their patients. I would HIGHLY recommenced Eye & Vision Care of Fairfax. To the ownership group at Eye and Vision-I really hope you see this review. You should be very proud of your team at this office and I hope you find a way to reward them for a job well done. I plan to come back to have my eye exam within the next few months. Thank you for being great!!

susan hakeem

6 months ago

Rating: 5

Very friendly and welcoming staff. Dr. Randa Edelbi conducted my eye exam (it was my first ever exam). She was fast, thorough, extremely knowledgeable, and took the time to explain the whole process. You can tell she’s clearly passionate about her profession. Overall, it was a pleasant and stress-free experience, and I recommend her with the highest regards!!!

T. Scott Nalley

a month ago

Rating: 4

UPDATED: I received a call this morning less than 24 hours after my original post below. The owner had seen my review and wanted to make things right. They had the office manager contact the lens manufacturer again, and they were able to find another lens in Massachusetts and are getting that shipped to them and having it made, I was told I would have the glasses on Tuesday. I was also given an apology and a refund on some of the cost of the glasses. Thank you! I went into the store on Wednesday, December 4th, after an eye exam at my doctor and was helped by ***. I need +2 in both left and right for reading, and I have a very small correction of +0.5 for astigmatism for distance. We talked about options, I said I didn't want progressive lenses, just glasses for reading with transition lenses for reading at the pool or outdoors. I wanted frames that they didn't have in stock, so *** said he would call me the next day with a price quote. On December 5th, he called and I told him to place the order. He said he needed my prescription, I told him I would email it to him in the email he sent me earlier in the day. I was told they would be in in 5-7 business days. I get a call from him on December 11th, saying he still needs my prescription. I tell him that I sent it to him immediately after getting off the phone with him on the 5th. We went over what I wanted again, just readers with transition lenses, not progressives. I go to my email and resend a reply to his email from the 5th. So apparently the glasses didn't even get ordered until the 11th. I wait. And wait. Finally, I call them on the 20th. They said they weren't ready yet, but would be there on Saturday, the 21st. So I go in on the 21st. They were there. I put them on and I try to read my phone. Want to guess? *** has ordered the small distance correction only, not readers. I would have probably even said, "no problem" if he accidentally ordered progressive lenses, but distance only glasses, no thank you. Now you may think the worst is behind me now, that I get the correct ones a week later, right? No, the fiasco hasn't even begun, get your popcorn... So *** apologizes and said he would get them sent back right away, but that due to the holidays, the normal 5-7 days may be a pinch longer. Ok, sure, what other options do I have at this point? I figured that the correct thing to do, since it was a mistake on their part, would be to get them expedited, but hey, what do I know? So I wait. December 21st to 31st is 10 days. No calls. I wait some more. Nothing. Finally, I call them on January 6th, some 16 days later. I expect to hear, "Sorry, they are here, we just forgot to call you". Nope, I am told that they will arrive on January 9th. I call back on January 9th, just now, to ask if they are there. I am told they are not. At this point, I am just about done being polite, I ask what the hold up is. The first lady I talk to said it is due to my insurance holding up the paperwork. When I ask why would they allow that to hold them up at this late point in the game, why wouldn't they cover for the glasses and catch up with insurance on their time, I get put on hold. I am then told that another lady is talking to the lens makers right now. Then I'm told that the reason the glasses aren't ready yet is because one of the lens didn't pass quality assurance, that they were indeed remaking it at this very moment, and that the glasses would be in the shop January 15th. I am fuming mad at this point. This is beyond ridiculous. They were making glasses in an hour since the 1980's, and this place cannot get a pair expedited into a major city of the United States in less than a week (this store is about 10 miles from Dulles International Airport)? At this point, FedEx Overnight should be the only thing you are thinking about. This has gone from ridiculous to beyond absurd. If you need glasses, you may want to look elsewhere, because your prescription is likely to change by the time you actually get them from this store.

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