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Philip Stamper

a month ago

Rating: 1

While technically proficient, their billing practices, disgruntled employees, and poor bedside manner leave something to be desired. I receive solicitation from them via mail and email a couple times a month and a couple times via phone. I was double-charged, because they had to compare an eye with a cut to the other eye and was charged much higher rates than the insurance co-pay. Two different staff members let me know how dissatisfied they were to work there and when I called about the billing issue, they shared the doctor does this all the time and their disagreement with it. The examination of the uninjured eye was literally looking at it with a flashlight and still incurred a higher than the insurance cost to look at it. I have constantly asked for them to stop sending me materials and they do not stop.

Venkat Rao

2 months ago

Rating: 1

I was at Dr. Budner office last Saturday almost at the closing hours. They asked me to come back for an eye exam test. I was told that I have a mild correction needed and asked to get a pair or two eye glasses. I can see well, read and can drive very well without glasses. I have never used a eye-ware (except for sun-glass) and I am 59 years old. I was forced (gently) to sit with their guy who sells glasses. My wife and I hesitatingly sat down with him and he started giving me options ranging from $1500 to $700. I was not sure I will need to spend all this money for a problem, which I don't think I have. But I ended up signing for a pair of glass for about $750. The office was closed by then. He ran my credit card and we left. Almost within 15 minutes from the car we called the office and left a voice message (office was closed) to place a hold on the order and that we will need to consult Dr. Budner before going forward. When I called back the office Monday was told that the order has gone and that they cannot change it. The lady was rude on top of that saying "you signed that paper, don't you remember" and that we are not good customer sort of manner on the phone. This office is just about selling eyeglasses whether you need it or not. I am going to go after them, including to small claims court for refund of my money. I did not need a eye-ware and they pushed me to get one. This is totally unprofessional of this office. I suggest you should consider trying other optometrists before going to this office. Edited: July 11, 2019 My problem remains unresolved. I still have a pair of eye glasses I have no use for and was told and sold I need it. I am ready to prove my glasses are useless for me and was sold by this office.

Sandra Slappey

3 months ago

Rating: 5

I have to share this! I recently was on vacation and lost my luggage, with all my contact lenses and eyeglasses! I was able to reach Dr. Budner on a weekend. He contacted a vision care provider where I was in Bermuda and arranged for me to get replacement contact lenses. So instead of a blurry trip, I was able to see the bright blue seas! Thank you, Dr. Budner!!!

Preston Whitaker

10 months ago

Rating: 5

I love this place! The staff was super friendly and helpful with figuring out the best contact lenses for me. I will not be going anywhere else from now on.

Musik Fann

a year ago

Rating: 5

Our family have been seeing Dr. Budner for years. Dr. Budner is very thorough in all the annual eye exams and discussed in great detail about our vision issues plus risks for potential illness. He adjusted prescriptions until new eye wears finally fitted best for us. This is the kind of vision care I expect from an ophthalmologist.

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