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Jessica Turner

a month ago

Rating: 5

I have to say I was really nervous at first but Dr. Wills was amazing and he walks you through the entire procedure. He made me feel really comfortable and I’m really happy with the results. I can finally see after 20 plus years. I feel great. I highly recommend it. Thank you guys! :)

Aryanna Savage

2 weeks ago

Rating: 5

This place is honestly great. Love the staff, they were all so nice and welcoming. The atmosphere is awesome! Dr. Wills was great. He walked me through the process to keep me calm and explained what everything was. All in all, everything was and is great!


a week ago

Rating: 5

I can see why reviews would say this place is like a "Lasik-Mill" - disregarding the individual patient. However, the staff was very friendly and attentive to my needs and questions. Dr. Willis made sure any of my concerns were eased and answered any questions I had. As I'm deaf, he walked me through the procedure step by step so I know what to expect. He had a process for people like me who are deaf which was nice and showed me their thoughts on inclusion. Would recommend!

Courtney Edwards

4 weeks ago

Rating: 5

My experience and this LasikPlus was very pleasant. I decided I wanted to do lasik on a Saturday and they had an appointment for me as early as the next Wednesday. The procedure went by very smooth and the doctor guided me through every step he was performing and what I would feel during that time. In total it was the quickest 8 minutes of my life and a day after I can see perfectly. I would highly recommend and for those who are on edge I urge to get a consultation first.

mikayla Gowaty

4 months ago

Rating: 5

Amazing experience! The staff was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable! I was nervous and skeptical when I went in for the free consultation, but I left feeling ready for the procedure. Dr. Wills was terrific! You can tell he truly cares about his patients. He talks you through every part of the surgery, which makes it feel so quick! I would recommend this place to everyone!

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