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That. Hippie

6 months ago

Rating: 5

I established care here with Megan Briston. She is super nice, very outgoing, and through. That’s everything I could ask for and more. I received the best care I’ve ever received in my adult life. Very happy to have her as my PA! 😊

Aleutia Krikorian

in the last week

Rating: 5

Megan Britson is the bomb! As well as Rob Lassar. :)

Steve Ince

6 months ago

Rating: 5

I developed some quick onset pneumonia Sat. morning. At noon I called the Urgent Care associated with my provider. The nurse quizzed me and gave me a 3:pm appointment-factoring in a 45 min. drive. I was called back to the exam room about 3:30 with apologies from the nurse for delays. She mentioned the x-ray and lab departments would be closing soon. We saw Dr. Evans, who sent me for a chest x-ray and labs, and told me she would finish her assessment when I returned. The receptionist had already phoned to those departments alerting them we were on our way. They both agreed to stay open to accommodate me. I really didn't feel well, and couldn't move fast, so kept them at their posts after their closing time. Each staff person from x-ray to the phlebotomist treated me with respect and empathy for my condition. Dr. Evans was very thorough and the nurse and receptionist very helpful. In-fact, the receptionist kept her computer going to book my follow up visit, rather than having me phone in another day. I had worrisome symptoms on Monday so phoned and was scheduled with Dr. Hutchison for the same day. Again, the doctor and staff were very thorough and I was in and out quickly. I wish I could remember staff names to list them personally. I continue to be very pleased with the quality of care I receive at Peace Health Family Practice.


4 months ago

Rating: 1

Dr. Patrick T Kehl is a terrible doctor. I was suffering from really bad cold, sore throat and stuffy nose and was taking counter medicine but was not healing up. I tried to make an appointment with my PCP Dr. Beiler but he was not available and they made an appointment with Dr. Kehl, ASA he came to see me he was in a mood not to give a medicine, he did some formalities and said he can't give me any medicine. These kind of Dr's make money from the insurance companies which we pay and they don't care if anybody is suffering. The patient always come to the Dr. office if he or she is suffering not for picnic. Stay away from this Dr.

Anhelina Shulha

8 months ago

Rating: 1

BE AWARE: LIARS You will never know the final charges until you get billed! I called to schedule an appointment, and asked how much the services would be. I was told $175. Then I came to the office, registered as a new patient, and asked again how much the services are. They confirmed the price of $175. A couple weeks after a received a bill, showing the amount due of $324. So, I called them again and asked about the price for the same service. Again, - $175. I contacted the billing department and was told that it's actually $324 and they can do nothing about it, they have no idea why receptionists keep misadvertising the price. Very disappointed. If I knew this is the way they work I would never schedule an appointment. They are just taking an advantage of their patients

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Orthopedic Surgeons

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