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Kendall Nedley

3 weeks ago

Rating: 1

Internal medicine. Slow and inattentive phone reception who openly mock clients living with mental health disorders. My doctor is fine but the harassment as a patient makes it not worth going here anymore.

Scarlett Grey

2 years ago

Rating: 4

It's always good, but not perfect

Victoria Mao

7 months ago

Rating: 2

The receptionist for scheduling was extremely condescending. I told her I wanted to cancel my appointment because I was unsure of my insurance being accepted. Which in turn, she told me it was. Great. I decided I wanted to keep the appointment. But too late she gave me attitude and became critical of the worker of my insurance company for giving me the wrong information? That was completely unnecessary. I told her that I wanted to cancel my appointment and schedule one closer to home (I attend college here) and her exact words were "but you go to school here... so why would you want to cancel?" in such a dark tone. I cant even make this up, I felt like she was glaring at me through the phone. She kept switching her tone from happy to condescending. laughing at what I had to say. Do better. People here call with little knowledge. They are unsure of their insurance, which is a VERY reasonable thing to be curious about. Some people dont know... so educate them, help them.

That. Hippie

a year ago

Rating: 5

I established care here with Megan Briston. She is super nice, very outgoing, and through. That’s everything I could ask for and more. I received the best care I’ve ever received in my adult life. Very happy to have her as my PA! 😊

Judy Hansel

7 months ago

Rating: 1

WAiting 35 minutes on phone to make appt With Travis Callender. No care here

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Orthopedic Surgeons

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