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jeshumbris .

4 months ago

Rating: 5

Dr. Kloth is smart, thoughtful and direct in his diagnosis. Love that! He helped my back pain immensely and we talked through doing it with the least amount of intervention due to my MS and the potential for flare-ups. Front desk staff can be cold but they are better when you get to know them. I agree that records management can be challenging with the office upstairs, they need to work on that.


4 months ago

Rating: 5

He is an excellent doctor. Smart as they come. His office staff can be rude. He should put a friendly person at the main desk. They also didn’t clear things through my insurance and caused a major delay. Most of his negative reviews are due to his office staff. Whoever dies the hiring should be changed. They need friendly and competent people at the front and better people handling insurance affairs. My 5 stars go to him and not his office.

karen peterson

2 months ago

Rating: 5

Dr. Kloth is an excellent genious doctor. I highly recommend him to anyone experiencing pain. He is helping me with my left and right labral tears. He is right on with his diagnosis. He sits and talks with me and explains everything he is seeing and recommends. He is also very concerned with my questions and concerns. I highly recommend Dr. Kloth.

Joe D

4 months ago

Rating: 1

The most arrogant and abusive guy that I have ever dealt with. I can't say enough bad things about this jerk.

Matthew Kaddyshack

5 months ago

Rating: 5

After being injured for 8 years and having a whopping 12 doctors misdiagnose my ailment, and waste my money, it was Dr. Kloth who was able to be the first person in nearly a decade to give me respite from the crippling pain that ruined my teenage years. No one else took the time and due diligence to actually find out what was wrong with my shoulder, no one else believed that it wasn’t fake, but Dr. Kloth did. I know a lot of people can be put off by his New Yorker-esque personality, but his compassion, ungodly dexterity with surgical syringes, and the fact that really cares enough to do all this shows his true quality as a medical professional. If you are experiencing chronic pain, you’ve been experiencing it for years. Put up with the initial stonewall attitude and he will you, and he won’t scam you with a million tests... and yeah, the front desk can suck sometimes, but they can also be really great once they get to know you. 5/5 for healing a lost cause and continuing to save people’s futures. It’s not hyperbole because he really works medical miracles.

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