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Bonnie Morris

3 months ago

Rating: 5

I have had rotor cuff surgery with Dr. Han, he did an awesome job! I have full range back and no pain!

Nichole Searcy

a year ago

Rating: 1

My case was declined with no explanation. I have also been told he does not do good work, nor does he come highly recommended per my PT, so Im not too beat up about it. Yet I am extremely frustrated and do not recommend this office. I only want to know exactly what is wrong with my shoulder from a specialist. Doesnt sound too hard does it? I have had nothing but a run around trying to get in with an orthopedic surgeon. It does not help my insurance is not the best (washington apple health), but I had finally thought I found a provider, with help from my PCP referral dept. I waited about a week, being told my insurance had to go through before an appointment was able to be made. Then Dr. Han's office informed me I had to get an MRI before being seen, another ten days for insurance approval. I waited. MRI finally went through, PCP said I have less than 30% supraspinatus tear. Ok, finally I can get in! Nope, Dr. Han supposedly took a look at my MRI and declined me. They left a message and when i returned the phone call, the receptionist said Dr. Han just declines cases and doesnt tell anyone why. How unprofessional is that? You wont even sit down with someone to explain what their options are and let them know whats wrong. I am doing every little thing in my power to heal. I have a trainer, I have PT, I have massage. All I want is an orthopedic surgeons point of view. Apparently, Dr. Han is too good for even an explanation.

Cat Hendricks

3 years ago

Rating: 5

Dr Han and his team are amazing. I broke my leg and dislocated my ankle in April 2016. Took nearly a week to get in to see him after my initial trip to urgent care but most of that was Insurance Red Tape. Once in, he did an amazing job going over my options from basically do nothing to surgery, and what I could realisticly expect out of each of them. (The one negative reviewer I read seemed to be mainly upset at what these options are, sorry hun there is no magic wand) We opted for surgery and a few days later I went under the knife. The surgery center staff were amazing, made sure I stayed warm, talked over every step of the process, and constantly made sure I was OK. The recovery team was awesome, super attentive, and were really good at predicting/managing things like post op nausea, dehydration etc. But my best experience so far, hands down, are the nurses and nursing assistants at the clinic during all of my follow ups. (and there are a bunch of follow ups) They are super friendly, personable, and know their stuff. I even had one nurse who spent an hour on the phone going back and forth between my insurance company and the pharmacy to get my perscription approved when my insurrance wanted to deny coverage of post op pain meds. It sucks I broke my leg, but if I had to go through this, I am glad I was reffered to this team.

Tova Rogers

3 years ago

Rating: 1

Getting ahold of someone is impossible. Dr. Han worse doc. Went in with mri results showing torn acl and root medial tear in horrific pain. What does he do, injections and tells me to loose weight. Yes I know I need to but can barely walk. He tells me to have surgery hey doc u paying for that cuz most insurances dont. I'm sitting here now in even more pain then before don't know what to do. Wish I could just cut my leg off. Don't go there they will choose what u need fixed and he will not listen to you. I've never seen a doc that is so rude walks in injects walks out barely said 5 words to me in all 3 visits I had with him. It's not all about the money doc you need to actually listen to your patients and help them not your pocketbook.

Annette Cooper

4 years ago

Rating: 2

hire more people to answer phone called 5 times hold 30 mins each

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