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adam sachs

7 months ago

Rating: 5

IAA has put a lot of effort into making this a great place to work. The culture of the organization is one that promotes excellent patient care and the providers genuinely want to deliver an exceptional experience for their patients. This is the best job I have ever had and am proud to be part of this organization.

Matthew Mitchell

7 months ago

Rating: 5

This is a group that cares about providing quality care with an emphasis on excellent pain control and minimizing narcotic medications for patients, especially with nerve blocks when possible.

Kevin Finkel

7 months ago

Rating: 5

IAA is an incredible group that is continually working to create an enjoyable and satisfying work environment. They put quality care and patient safety first above everything else. Also, there is an emphasis on employee satisfaction that is done with supported professional growth, social events, and continuous feedback. I have worked at 3 different groups in CT and I have remained with IAA for the past 8 years for a reason - no other group compares to it. I enjoy that it has a perfect blend of private practice and academia with a strong emphasis on education. We have an expanding regional fellowship program, a solid residency program, and an incredible and popular SRNA program. There are great relationships with all the different groups that work with IAA. Furthermore, it’s a place where a new attending or CRNA can have a say in the future of their group, and have the opportunity for leadership roles and career development. I plan on staying with IAA until I retire and I encourage anesthesiologists and CRNAs to check them out. This group is a rare gem.

Teresa Martins

7 months ago

Rating: 5

IAA looks out for its employees and attempts to always make decisions that will best suit the group as a whole and not just one subset. It's an honor to work for such a respected and professional organization.


a year ago

Rating: 1

Anesthesia staffing continuously runs on bare minimum. Very limited breaks (12 hour shifts frequently stay till 8pm with no dinner breaks). Per Diem staffing required to complete 20 hours per month. Low job security as Chief CRNA will terminate your position if you do not fulfill one month of hours without warning/notice despite their low staffing numbers. Challenging work culture with poor management of difficult employees. Complaints/concerns communicated to management only get you labeled as a problem and therefore issues never resolved and continue. Recent mass exodus of CRNAs and MDAs. Lowest compensation in the area for a level 1 trauma center.

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