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ACENT Alaska Center for Ear Nose and Throat

Anchorage, AK

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Recent Reviews

Average Rating: 3.3

Faith Christ

2 months ago

ACENT is the best! Coming from a long line of hearing impaired people, Dr. Lorenz was extremely thorough and caught my little guys enlarged adenoids right away. He also was kind enough to send a referral over to genetics so the family can get a better look at our hearing loss.

Andrew Adams

a month ago

These scumbags are heartless. Ive been dealing with troat issues for months and trying to get a diagnosis. I was refered here by my gastrointestinal doctor and acent REFUSED to see me...i have medicade and medicare btw. I called to ask why and they REFUSE to tell me why they refuse to see me. The lady on the phone was so rude and told me they dont have to give me a reason for REFUSING to see me. I hope people who read this review understand the amount of pain and discomfort ive been dealing with just for the hospital ive almost died in to refuse service. Born and raised in alaska been living here for 30 years, and cant get any help. To the lady who i talked to, i hope you, your kids, your sad sorry husband...everybody you know and love need help one day, and they are refused without a reason. I hope they suffer for months while doctors tell em they wont help and refuse to tel them why. Maybe then youll know what it means to get angry and upset at people who are there to help BUT WONT. You people make me sick, and you deserve to suffer...

Bernice Titera

a month ago

Dr Ellerbe is a very kind Dr who gives his time freely to help you decide what treatment is required and necessary.

Martin Boland

7 months ago

They did at least diagnose me correctly with Singles, after Providence got it wrong. However they put me on dangerous opioids for the pain. Opioids do not work on nerve pain I learned after a very painful 30 days from Sam's Club pharmacist. He correctly suggested non addictive Gabapentin. It worked great. You can learn more from the internet than the doctors at this place. They don't know what they are doing.

Debbie Brooks

8 months ago

Excellent for any of your ENT issues! Dr. Lorenz has my 100% trust and satisfaction. Thank you for fixing things that would have caused serious issues in the future! Forever my preferred ENT doc and surgeon.

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