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Alaska Neurology Center LLC

Anchorage, AK

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Recent Reviews

Average Rating: 2.2

Jeffrey Carl

3 months ago

I am sorry so many of you had less than a great experience. I have nothing bad to say about either of my two visits. EVERYone I interacted with was exceptionally competent and considerate - from the people I talked to on the phone, to the check-in people, to the medical staff - all were a delight to work with. Dr. Miller's manner was superb. I always felt like he was actually listening to me. He would ask follow-up questions to make sure the communication was clear. If he was giving instructions or making suggestions, he always made sure I understood what he was saying. Sometimes it isn't easy to discuss things in these situations but Dr. Miller was extremely connected and considerate. Based on my experience, I would recommend this clinic - especially Dr. Miller - without reservation. UPDATE: I appreciate those who are taking the time and energy to write a positive review. We all know that people are much more likely to post if their experience was not good. I am not saying their experience isn't valid, but one has to take this into consideration: most people who are satisfied are less like to post.

Jim and Denise Hansen

2 weeks ago

Really poor client services. Incompetent front desk from scheduling appointments, follow up, scheduling referrals, providing results, the Press 1 for ____, Press 2 for ___ gets you lost and disconnected, and calling back! The one neurologist I saw had zero bed side manner, limited exam, poor follow up - not that interested in me as a patient. His “one week a month” visit does not serve our community well! In processing reps and technicians were fair. We will never return or recommend!!

Mak Chap

3 weeks ago

Good luck trying to ever reach anyone directly by phone when you call in. Of the likely 40x I’ve called in, even returning calls to a staff member which called me (and their staff never leave detailed messages, they just say to call them back), I think I’ve gotten thru directly 2x. That’s the first black mark. #2 is that many of the people I’ve spoken to who work there (not everyone) are not pleasant to deal with, rigid, & seem like you’re a burden to them and wasting their time. This is the kind of clinic at which you should have very little issues/stress getting business conducted in an orderly manner, & assistance should be an easy thing to come by. They don’t even have a call waiting function. You can’t wait on hold for “the next available representative” — there is no available representative. Just a voicemail. Oh yeah, go ahead and leave a voicemail, good luck getting your call returned that or the next day, or at all even. I don’t think I’ve been more frustrated with any business since, well, ever! The only friggen upside is my experience with my actual doctor himself (Kennedy). A swell guy with a personable, approachable demeanor, who listens & seems to know his stuff. I don’t know what’s going on here. Perhaps they are incredibly understaffed or something else is the matter. Of the few times I was able to reach someone or had someone call me back, there were numerous mentions of staff in training meetings. You guys need some ppl to answer calls or at least field them. This is only going to greatly hurt your business. My gosh — first less than 3-Star review I’ve ever made for a business....

Jordan S

a month ago

My Dr is great however trying to get a hold of some one other than a voice mail system is near impossible, good luck getting a call back, the reviews are accurate. I tired to set up an appt for two days finally I drove to the office, the person behind the desk told me every one who schedules apps are in a training meeting, and I would have to call to schedule and she could not schedule me, what supervisor thinks it's great to have zero people available to make appts for patients.

Edward Johnson

6 months ago

My experience has been hit or miss every time. The first doctor was polite, direct and sincere. The second doctor was vague and changed the testing, not to mention didn't read any back round on my file and continued to ask the same questions. The clinical staff was great on all counts unless you needed records, they seem unavailable or never near a phone. The main reason for the 2 stars is as follows. I went through several tests spending thousands of dollars and then had to pay a doctor 400.00 just to give me the results. This alone removed any desire to return for any advice or diagnosis. Unfortunately it was at this point I understood why so many people mention that this place is all about the money .

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