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Anchorage Sleep Center

Anchorage, AK

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Recent Reviews

Average Rating: 3.9

Geoffrey Igarashi

3 months ago

Everyone at this Sleep Center is great! I really enjoyed working through the whole process with them. I was well informed, knew what to expect and never rushed (or delayed). And I felt like they all gave me as much time as I needed for questions and answers, especially during the fitting with Shellie (Their RRT). Now to see if I sleep better...

Felix Jackson

in the last week

The staff was very professional and helpful. I have only been in Anchorage two months. It’s nice to see a smiling face in the morning like Anna.

Martin Theulen

4 months ago

The are many places of business that claim to provide various fantastic services. But places do not provide services, people do. The wonderful compassionate and empathetic people who strive to improve lives at the Anchorage Sleep Center deserve and have gained my praise and respect. They did not ask for it, but they certainly earned it. Their professional work ethics are what make this country great. I was blessed with the privilege and honor of serving this great nation of ours. While I was serving, I was exposed to the intensity of an explosion pressure wave. It’s alright, I did my job, and people like Jordan, the Dude that watched while I slept, and Shellie Howard RRT, the ones who provided me with care and compassion, make it all worthwhile. God Bless you for who you are and the services you provide; or as Elvis would say, Thank-you! Thank-you very much!

Gloria Renken

a month ago

The staff is very helpful and seems willing to assist if there are any concerns. The clinic is very nice, clean, and easy to walk in to. Thank you for being great!!

Zack Kerr

a month ago

In addition to drastically overcharging me for my supplies (examples: $15 for a filter when I later bought 300 for $20 off Amazon). I recently attempted to get emergency assistance when my CPAP machine broke and I had been without sleep for +3 days. I asked for a copy of the perception so I could purchase a new machine. They refused to provide me with the necessary copy of my perception and refused to even let me speak to a doctor without making an appointment for several weeks from then. The man in line behind me even offered to let me take his appointment, and they still refused to even let me speak to a doctor. These people do not take their responsibilities to past patients seriously, and only care about milking patients for every dime they can. I strongly encourage you to not use them or at least buy all equipment from some place like or another online store as they are much cheaper and have far better service.

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