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Muffoletto John P MD

Anchorage, AK

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Recent Reviews

Average Rating: 4.2

Robert Royce

9 months ago

Dr. Muffoletto was extremely skilled in the handling of my most recent hernia repair. He also cleaned up scar tissue from a previous hernia repair surgery (performed by a different doctor) that a had me in persistent pain. My back pain decreased to as a result of me not favoring one side all the time. If they were available, this would have earned Dr. Muffoletto BONUS POINTS! He listened to my concerns before and after the surgery and help me understand all that I had been through and what I should be able to expect in the future, (so far so, so good). I have been healing well and the pain that had plagued my life, (due to the previous surgery), has been greatly reduced. I glad my wife insisted on seeing Dr. Muffoletto! I was sore after my surgery, but not in pain and was off the heavy pain medicine in 4 days; I didn't need Ibuprofen within the following week! That speaks volumes about the precision with which the procedure was performed, in my book. On a side note, his offices staff are the nicest doctor's staff I have ever worked with! They were consistent in their communication skills and full of good humor and smiles!

Jason Leyva

2 weeks ago

Thanks for successfully removing Jim Gaffigan’s appendix ;)

Susan Hite

a year ago

Dr. Muffoletto made me feel so comfortable during our initial consult, surgery day, and follow ups. I had an umbilical repair as well as a port site from a previous unrelated surgery. Both have healed well and I love my new belly button! His staff are the *nicest* people. Ever.

Leslie Frommer

4 years ago

I saw Dr. Muffoletto for a concerning lump. I was sent to get an MRI and results came back normal. Went for a second opinion, seemed like the normal thing to do, same results, went for my next years visit. I mentioned my second opinion visit and the receptionist stopped the appointment, she didn't have those records and indicated they could not properly diagnose any of my issues if they didn't have all the facts. I thought this was odd but got the records for her and followed through with my visit. had to get another MRI and I was under 40. The receptionist placed the incorrect code on my lab report so my insurance did not pay. I had to conference call her in with the insurance company and she refused to assist. Needless to say I have not had an MRI since and I am at high risk but I wanted to wait until I was 40 to avoid this issue again. I just called to set another appt and she pulled my file and said that since I was angry about having to pay for my own MRI and I got a second opinion they were not going to see me again and to find another doctor. WOW. I have never been banned from seeing a doctor and I wonder if the doctor knows that his receptionist made this decision. Very strange behaviors. I didn't mind the doctor and he came highly recommended but this has been a very discouraging process. Not saying others would have the same issues but DON'T get a second opinion, it's all down hill from there.

Chris Munroe

4 months ago

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