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Ninilchik Family Dentist

Ninilchik, AK

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Recent Reviews

Average Rating: 4.2

Erica Harrington

8 months ago

I don't normally write bad reviews, as I have worked in customer service and know how it is. However this situation was so disgusting and out of line I had to post. I have never in my life felt so ashamed and helpless. I saw ZiZi last May and while my husband and son had a horrible experience, mine was all right. "My 16 year old son's words exactly were "She is a man hater mom!") My husband said she talked down to him and admonished him for choices our 16 year old was making with his teeth. While as parents it is our responsibility to teach them proper dental hygiene, what am I supposed to do with a over 6ft tall teenager who won't brush??? Pin him down and make him brush his teeth?! No it is much better to belittle a father who is trying to get his son help? Or make it so my son does not ever want to go to the dentist again, because she did that on both counts. Ok, got sidetracked there, but let's bring it back to why I am writing this review. I had some previous work that was done by her, as I said, my experience was much better than my husband's, although I thought it weird she got really preachy about politics and actually the information she was spouting was all false, I researched it, so a bit weird. I was supposed to come in and get the work finished, actually her exact words were "I will look at your case and see how we can get a bridge." I missed that ONE appointment. Fast forward to now one tooth chipped so I scheduled and appointment, telling the receptionist that it hurt but not emergency, I didn't want to be squeezed in, it wasn't that bad. She got me in the next day. I show up to my appointment and the assistant says the tooth was scheduled for a root canal and looks at me expexctantly...I have no clue what she is talking about as a root canal was never discussed, not once. Dr ZiZi comes in and looks at my chart, and brings up my ONE previously missed appointment, not my tooth or any of my care. When I try to explain, she just looks at paperwork obviously frustrated, i try to re explain to her what I have been through the last year and that I was sorry...and reminded her (because we talked about this extensively at my last visit, which none of that info was written on my chart...just that I had missed my appointment) that because of a traumatic experience I had as a teen, dentist are a huge fear for me. She cuts me off, "well, that was the past...what do you want me to do?" Now this was not just the words but the disgusted tone with which she used. I was shocked...I am not a dentist she is. "I don't, know, I just dont want it to hurt anymore, but maybe you are not the right fit for me..." Now her tone turns even more snotty, "well do you want me to fit you for dentures?!" Out of the blue?!? We had never discussed dentures EVER and I don't need them!!! What the heck? At that point I stood up and started gathering my few things, had not said a mean or angry word, but I am sure I am obviously upset I am sure, but not violent or hurtful in any way! Without even looking at me she kicks me out of her office. For what? First I was already leaving, peacefully. I wasn't slamming stuff or yelling. For what??? For Nothing!? I have never been so humiliated in my life and the pain is still there, so now I am worse off than I was before. There were other clients in there that heard her talk to me like this! I am not sure what is wrong with her, she did come highly recommended, but a professional should not treat people like this, and if this is what she thinks is professional or acceptable behavior, she is wrong. Disgusting! I will be reporting her to every possible place I can!

Kayt Andrews

10 months ago

Clean, professional, efficient and that’s just the front office. Dr. ZZ and her team are the best in Alaska!

Miguel Sheene

4 years ago

Having lived in the lower 48 most of my life with not so great experiences with dentists I did not expect to find the best ever in Alaska. After moving to Nikiski in 2009 I only heard of bad experiences in the Kenai area but luckily heard rumors about a GREAT dentist in Ninilchik. The rumors are TRUE!! Dr Zoubek is the friendliest most caring and compassionate medical professional I have ever met. Admittedly having let my oral hygiene slip over the years she walked me through my options explaining all pros, cons and costs. In the end I am trusting her advice and doing exactly what she is recommending. It will take multiple visits to get me in shape but it is more than worth the hour and 15 minute drive past a dozen dentist offices to be seen by a rare gem of a human being.

Wayne Flint

4 years ago

Lovely office and very light and cheerful waiting room. First time to a dentist in years after a bad experience with a wealthy male Homer dentist, who overcharged and did substandard work in my opinion, Several people were in the waiting room and Zizi (the coolest dentist name ever- not too bad on the eyes either:) ) was briefing a patient and displaying caring qualities that reflected a legitimate empathetic nature. After filling out my new patient forms, within 3 minutes I was invited by my hygienist to a chair for my cleaning. Cheerful, friendly and cute- she went right to work- making sure I was comfortable. She is the first hygienist that hasn't let me drown in saliva as she works. Xrays were easy, comfy and very fast. We laughed as we talked about my wife coming in next month for her exam- who has unfortunately an over active gag reflex...I was giving her fair warning and laughing as this has started to bother me in my older age :) Next, Zizi came in and introduced herself and reviewed my xrays with me. Then after explaining her plan replaced a crown that had popped off awhile ago. Having recently written and authored a term paper for UAA on fluoridation; Zizi allowed me to query her on public drinking water fluoridation benefits. We discussed links between early death from myocardial infarction associated with poor dental hygiene due to lack of fluoridation. Having worked with Harborview Medical Center and early Medic One programs- I was most interested in what Zizi's take would be as a licensed dentist. My bill was reasonable for the work done and had one of the best cleanings I have ever had. If you want a friendly family dentist who is sharp and runs a tight ship- I think this would be a good choice. I'm going back! We are fortunate to have Zizi in our community! Thank you Zizi and staff!

Allen Stickler

a year ago

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