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Peninsula Family Dental Center

Soldotna, AK

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  • Monday8:00 A.M.—5:00 P.M.
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  • Thursday8:00 A.M.—5:00 P.M.
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Recent Reviews

Average Rating: 4.2

Tiffanie Henry

in the last week

These people are amazing. Got into a car accident this past weekend and broke a few teeth. They took me in and looked at my teeth and let me know what needs to be done. They took care of me fast and understood my situation and what happened. I will refer everyone I know to here. Glad I went to them! I feel in love with them. :)

Jennifer Camp

2 weeks ago

I normally don't write reviews but I would highly recommend this dental office. Very nice, professional, and welcoming staff and my appointment was scheduled in a timely manner. Thank you!!!

ron goodwin

2 months ago

I had the best experience with the staff here. Not to mention the best feel good smile I’ve had in a long time. Highly recommended!!

Joe Malutin

3 months ago

Had an issue with my jaw, went to see Dr. Mirci at Peninsula Family Dentistry and I was seen immediately and was able to fix the issue painlessly. Was my first time being seen there and will definitely go back for future dental needs. Would highly recommend Dr. Mirci

Kenai Canna

2 months ago

I had an implant already placed by a dentist in CA. I came here to Alaska and saw Dr Mirci to have my implant finished. He ordered to parts based on measurements from my dentist and proceeded with the abutment portion of the implant. On April 10, 2018 he cut my gum open to place abutment. After struggling in my mouth and having his DA try. He was obviously frustrated and taking it out on my mouth. Without explaining the issue he stitched my gum closed with what seemed like only one stitch. 2 days later, I started getting an abscess in my jaw bone. He didn’t X-ray it but perscribed me augmentin. 4 days later I was still very swollen and went back to him on apr 19th. He then put me in clyndomiacin and an antibacterial mouthwash. Again no X-ray. I had explained that I was leaving to California for a planned vacation. And I was not warned that clyndomiacin wipes out your entire gut. And makes you succeptialbe to getting cdiff. Also he knew that I had MS and a compromised immune system already. So I then got very ill and ended up in the ER twice in California. I was eventually diagnosed with Colitis brought in by a cdiff infection. Now as of 6/19 (2 1/2 months after) I have had another visit to the ER and now have to go see an oral surgeon to fix his mistakes . Unfortunately being in a small town the first appt I can get is 6/29 two weeks from now! Meanwhile I can tell that my gum is still open and therefore collecting food and causeing me to be ill. . So don’t go here. My primary care doctor has said that another patient of hers has similar issues with this office.

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