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California Pain Institute: Rebecca Kerr, MD

Los Angeles, CA

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Recent Reviews

Average Rating: 2

David Zeh

6 months ago

My First Visit I was an hour early soon asked the receptionist how many in front of me. She said 3 so I told her I was running to the Starbucks 1 block away. As I was standing in line I got a call from the office manager asking if I wanted to reschedule . So I raced back and was told I could never leave after I checked in. I sat in that waiting room for 45 minutes thin in a room for another 45 minutes. Doctor late was running late. I am no polar and she wouldn't prescribe any real pain meds because of that. And in my distant past I used recreational drugs.... The MRI shows a really bad back and neck. I called and called because I have major pain at night... I was told to come in so doctor care had to see me to give me pain meds. I wasted an entire day. I sat in the lobby for 30 minutes and 45 minutes to have her tell me that she wouldn't give me any medication, If u want to wait forever in her office because she triple books. Only to be told that she won't procribe pain meds for pain. She's your whatever.. I was so made when I left I went and bought two boxes of Cocoa Crispy

Peter Hall

a year ago

I have been a patient of Dr. Kerr's for the past year and I agree that she is the best pain management specialist in Los Angeles. I was referred to her by the most recognized orthopedic specialty office in Los Angeles. When I went to see her I had been in severe cervical pain for months. She did thorough physical examination as well as of my records and gave me a straight forward, honest recommendation as to how we should proceed. Today I can say my treatment plan has been a complete success!

mary varela

4 years ago

I went to Dr.Kerr for pain management.After seeing me for 5 months she told me according to my federal records I had never failed a urine test or received meds.early.She even wrote a letter to that fact for my lawyer.I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia,2 herniated discs,left foot dis figured from a torn Lis-Franc tendon.I also suffer from P.T.S.D from a long history of child abuse.I have been hit by 4 drunk drivers,one time escaping death with the jaws of life.After delivering her with clean urine samples,DR.Kerr left the decision of what meds I would like to take up to me[?] I decided to maintain my low dose Dr.Kerr changed my appts. 2 times at the last minute.She had not seen me for over a month and sent my prescription in the mail!The 4th visitshe declined to even check my urine.The last visit she observed me for about 5 minutes and suddenly declared I was overmedicated!I denied that as I had asked for no meds early.She said her receptionist had said I slurred my words,WHAT?She became angry and made me walk across her tiny office.I have a bad foot.The tree steps were straight as a line ,she said that HERSELF,but when I pivoted on my bad foot to cut the tiny corner I swerved.She then told me I had to go to DETOX and she would NOT prescribe me anything.When I denied this she screamed at me ,'see your in denial!!!'??I called her shocked when I got home,she screamed out of control at me telling me to SHUT UP! SHUT UP!Her tone was angry and hysterical beyond all reason.I told her she was being abusive .She continued to scream and I hung up.Dr.Kerr was irrational,inconsistent ,volatile.I caution anyone with chronic pain to stay away if they are looking for a compassionate doctor.

Apryl DeLancey

4 years ago

Avoid this practice. I talked to them on a Monday for a procedure on that Friday. Jocelyn told me that she'd call me back and ask me a few questions later that day. My appointment was set for 7:00 am on Friday morning. She waited until Thursday at 10:30 to ask about my insurance and then told me that we would have to cancel my appointment because she needed pre-authorization. When I pushed back and asked why would she wait until the last minute to do this she said she'd put it through to the hospital and call me later in the day. Well, I have a PPO and called them and they confirmed that no pre-authorization was necessary. My referring orthopedist also called and confirmed that no pre-authorization was needed. Jocelyn went home at 3:00 on Thursday without calling me back to let me know whether I was on for the next morning at 7:00 am. After many more calls I found out that I wasn't even on the schedule for the next day. Jocelyn was going to let me go to my appointment and get turned away. How thoughtful. The woman that was answering the phone at that point couldn't even find me in their system. I had a procedure with them a few years ago as well and was not impressed whatsoever with the physician that helped me. She had quite the condescending and rude attitude. I was going to give it another go since you never know if someone was just having a bad day but after the laziness of the front office staff I decided against it. Fortunately I am healing, albeit slowly, and will continue with my chiropractor as opposed to getting a steroid injection into my spine. If you have the opportunity to shop around, please do. The front office is incredibly disorganized and lazy. Sure, their busy but how on Earth do you keep a job when you don't bother doing it? There really is no excuse for this type of incompetence.

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