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Pulse Cardiology

Riverside, CA

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Recent Reviews

Average Rating: 3.6

Barbara Murillo

a year ago

My daughter goes here and has also been to two other cardiology groups they are by far the best out here in Riverside. The staff and doctors ate very friendly and informative. All questions were answered. Never left feeling like they rushed us through. So to read negative reviews on this place makes you wonder maybe it's the patients who don't know how to act.


2 years ago

I side with the doctor, if you have lived in this country you should be able to communicate in English. The doctor is sharing a belief that many of us think especially in California, but many have been afraid to say. We are all tired of seeing our culture being replaced by an inferior one and being unable to stop it. My fathers side immigrated here and they understood to be truly successful in the US that you need to assimilate to the country you emigrated to. He wasn’t racist at all, people just use the word if someone was upset about a certain thing that was done to them and claim it was racism, if they were of another color than themselves

Manish Mehta

a year ago

Love Dr Melony. Sorry to see him retire.


2 years ago

Telling someone that they need to speak English in the United States isn't racist. We tend to use the word racist rather loosely. If you don't like him, then go to another doctor. I also get annoyed if people ask me if I speak their language and get mad if I don't. There are plenty of bilingual docs in SOCAL to go to so you can find one who speaks your language if you don't want to even bother to learn English while you're sucking this country's resources dry.

De'Ann McWilliams

3 years ago

All of the doctors at Pulse Cardiology have very kindly helped me through diificult stages of my heart disease. I highly recommend the cardiology practice.

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