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Recent Reviews

Average Rating: 4.1

Christopher Brooks

4 months ago

It has always been a pleasure to work along with the whole staff at the Spine and Pain Center. Their high level of professionalism and compassion helps a great deal on your pathway back to somewhat pain free normalcy. State of the art procedures and treatments, pills and injections are just one good thing that Dr. Clark and her staff offers. Plus answering all your questions and giving you a kindly full understanding of your treatment plan. Dr. Clark and Ms. Wallace NP are top shelf, giving you 100 from day one with a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down. Thanks again...

Catie Currie

2 weeks ago

I was effectively disabled by a doctor here when she did lumbar steroid injections and then told me "oh well, sorry I didn't warn you but there's nothing I can do" and sent me away. I can barely walk and standing and sitting both cause excruciating pain. I can't take care of my baby, I lost my job, I can't do any necessary chores, I'm in excruciating pain 24/7 with no relief in sight for the foreseeable future, she ruined my life and just said whoops and sent me away. I haven't cried since giving birth, until today. After that appointment I sat in my car and sobbed. How can you ruin someone's life and not work to find a solution or even just apologize and have some empathy for the person you just sentenced to a life of horrific pain and disability?

Carolyn Entz

a month ago

I couldn't be happier with my recent experience (under anesthesia). I have no complaints at all.

Jacqui Dyer

3 months ago

Dr. Clark and staff - Expressing deep concern and compassion for me and other patients.

Simona Venable

a year ago

A Doctors office is a doctors office. You do see a doctor because you feel good, but this office here is one of the best. From the intake to the visit with the Doctor. Extreme professionals n they care. It shows from the moment u walk in the door. If you are looking for a doctor that will listen n do what they can to make u better this is the spot. The only thing I've been a patient on n off for 2 yrs i just wish they would send the intake papers via email, but other than that. THEY ARE FREAKN AWESOME, they definitely got it right.

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