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Daniel Mekasha, M.D. | MAC Pain & Spine Institute


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Recent Reviews

Average Rating: 3.5

Janet Zureki

2 years ago

Biggest quack I have ever dealt with! I was sent to see this Dr after I had an operation in which I woke up in severe pain and neither my Dr or the Dr's who performed the surgery could figure out what was causing the pain. From day one, I kept telling this Dr that my pain was in my tailbone area. With that being said, he kept injecting my low back but not the tailbone area and he did not order any tests or imaging to see if he could locate the problem. After one of these injections, I got a horrible headache and when this Dr's office called to check on me, I told them about my headache and they had the Dr call me. I told the Dr that I could hardly lift my head because the pain was so bad, he advised me to wait a few days and if it didn't get better than I might want to go to ER. Well, it didn't get better, so I called to make sure that he wanted me to go to ER. When I called his office, I was told that the Dr was on vacation for 3 weeks and that he didn't have anyone filling in for him so I was on my own. Needless to say, I ended up in ER and found out that all my spinal fluid leaked out from the shot this Dr gave me. I also found out that I should have been informed by the Dr to get to the hospital STAT so they could do a blood patch and stop the headache. According to the nurses and Doctors at the hospital- this is like Doctoring 101! I also was told that I was extremely lucky that I didn't end up paralyzed! Anyway, because this Dr is clueless, or because he was afraid he'd miss some of his vacation to deal with stopping my headache that he caused, I was put on barbiturates and had to deal with the tremendous pain and pressure for a while. When I went back to see him, I tried telling him what happened, but instead of listening, he got mad. He had his staff pull my prescription record and had the nerve to yell at me in front of other patients and my children about the medicine prescribed to me to help with the headaches that he created. He also yelled at me for the medicine given to me for pain right after my surgery. He kept saying that I broke some sort of agreement that I signed with him. I understand being on top of what your patients are taking, but like I tried explaining to him, I wasn't even his patient right after the surgery, so how could I break an agreement with him if I wasn't even a patient of his? The final straw came when I told him that once again he didn't inject the right spot and that it was my tailbone and that it had been like that since the surgery, to which he replied, "What surgery?" Yep- DONE! I found another Dr, one who actually listened to me and when he went to inject my tailbone area, he noticed a line going through my tailbone. Ends up, somehow my tailbone got broken off- completely during the surgery and I ended up having to have it removed! So, not only did this Dr accuse me of being a druggie and almost paralyzed me, had he listened and done his job correctly, I might still have my tailbone but because I wasted so much time on this quack, it was too late to try to get the tailbone to heal. Would not recommend this Dr to anyone!

Christina Florence

2 years ago

We started seeing the doctor due to my husband's cancer. The doctor was friendly and stated he would take over my husband's pain management. As we were leaving, there was some chaos in the office. We received our prescription and left. Once I went to fill it I notice the script was not signed and had the wrong address on it for us. We had to wait four days to go to the office (which is almost an hour drive for us) to get a new script. The office workers were rude and did not have it completed. We spoke with the Dr. and he stated that he is closing his offices and will not deal with pain management any more. I am not sure why he accepted us as patients in the first place. I would not recommend this doctor for anything.

sandi virzi

a year ago

He is trying his best to help me. I have all the faith in the world in him. If anyone can help I know it's him

Ms. Me

2 years ago

I don't think the irate reviewers dealt with the same Dr. I did. What an absolutely wonderful man. I am not saying my pain has gone yet or I am cured, but I do feel he is doing what he can to make my pain less. He could not have been more kind the 3 times I have met with him. I give him 5 stars for sure!!!!

Phyllis Mccandless

2 years ago

This Doctor is very good. He listened to me. We talked and came up with a plan that has worked well. He has given me back the ability to live my life and do things with in reason. Using many different treatments that combined keep me mobile with very little medication.

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