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Columbia, MO

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Recent Reviews

Average Rating: 3

Ellie Mccoy

a year ago

They have helped me for over 7 years be pain free...Dr. Meyer is a great physican

anonymous anonymous

2 years ago

I had been in pain for approximately six years. Due to lack of insurance I had to endure this pain with no other options. Now that I have insurance and pain absolutely unbearable I decided it was time to do something about it. Unfortunately my first visit for a consult with the NP gave me hesitation. I felt my intelligence and truthfulness on my description of level of pain was in question. In hindsight wish that I would have went with my intuition. However, I kept my appointment for next visit. I have been extremely active although unbearable pain because it's the only hobby and enjoyment I have. Felt relieved when I felt I would be taken care of for once. Per recommendation I had a steroid injection that caused me side affects (may not others). Did not last even a week. Therefore, again my intelligence and truthfulness in question. As a patient and for all I have been through this is the worst that could have happened. It does not pay to active (I quit). You will be expected to maintain high level of pain because they have higher expectations of you. Well.... my active days are over. Finding new hobbies like laying on the couch and eating unhealthy food. Should be just the opposite. An active person isn't crying and whining everyday. They have motivation and deserve to be treated with much more respect! **** In addition to relieving myself of my physical activities, I had previously already had to leave a second job because of the excrutiating pain. Thought least if I could aleviate myself from the pain endured during that job role I would possibly be able to at least keep up my hobbies. Now I have neither. I'm literally devistated!

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