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Recent Reviews

Average Rating: 3.2

Proud Patriot

2 years ago

I have not felt that I was in good hands since 2006. Comprehensive Pain Specialist please stay away. Totally my opinion.

michele holt

4 years ago

I've been a patient here for several years (I have sickle cell anemia). Back in July of 2016 my relationship with the clinic turned into a nightmare. The clinic refused to set an appointment for me (keeping me from my medication) because I had an outstanding bill. I paid the bill and then it became about supposidily missed appointments. I ended up in the hospital(first time in 5 years). My hematologist recommended I tough it out since there was only one incident. Fast forward three months, back in the same situation. I will leave this practice and never look back. My life is worth more than $100! Good luck to anyone seeking their care.

Lynn Heneks

3 years ago

I have been a patient at CPS for approximately 11 years and am a model patient keeping all appointments and taking medication as instructed. However, last year I started noticing a complete turnover in staff with anchor doctors leaving like rats on a sinking ship. Also several months ago , I noticed they were not giving me credit for my entire $50 copay nor see any credit where I paid anything extra on my bill going as far back as a year or more. I have MS and moderate to severe permanent nerve damage in both legs. The doctor was managing my pain very well. Suddenly In January, despite disease progression, they cut my pain Meds in half after being on the dosage for almost 6 years and was told they planned to cut it back even further because the government made them do it. My condition has only worsened. I have never abused my prescription and every urine test has been negative. As of 3 weeks ago, I have suffered greatly and not from withdrawal. On Monday, I tried calling their office continually but with no answer. The same on Tuesday except I was actually able to leave one message. No one has yet to return my call so I finally called my GP and told them the problem. They immediately said that CPS was closing their doors due to bankruptcy but to still keep my Thursday scheduled appointment. CPS will tell me then what I should do. I know exactly what I should do and suspect others have already reported them which is the real reason why they are closing all NC offices as of July 18th. I would say don’t bother, but why? They are going out of business which explains the high turnover rate. I just hope I don’t get one of their doctors at the next pain management clinic I do go to.

Marybeth Smith

3 years ago

At first (2 yrs ago) it was good. Then all the doctors left. They turned their insurance part over to an outside company. I was billed constantly for an extra co-pay every time I went, which I didn't owe. The last vist I had in June my insurance denied payment because they were no longer on my insurance plan. Called their billing and was told it was a mistake and call back before my next visit. I called and was told someone would call me and let me know what was happening. This was Sept. 12. I am still waiting. I went Oct. 20 to give them signed release papers for my records to be sent to a new clinic and was told it would be faxed within 5 business days. Today is Oct 30 and I just received a phone call that my papers still aren't there. I have been without pain meds since August. I am going down there in the AM and raise hell. Don't go here!!! I would love someone from there to contact me about this review.

Will Murrow

4 years ago

I am a disabled veteran and highly recommended CPS instead of the VA you can call and accuracy talk to someone I go through the choice program it only takes a few phone calls to switch over from VA to CPS .Your not just a number at CPS so if you're in pain and can't get the help you need make switch you want be sorry,so if you're ex military or civil go to CPS you will get help there , also the front desk and nursing are very caring to your needs and will help you at possible.

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